A Year’s Reflection….

With the chapter of 2012 about to end, I want to take the time to reflect what this year has bought My Party of 5! It’s definitely been some what interesting. Many ups and downs, new memories created, lessons learnt, there were tears of joy and disappointment, but through all of this we’ve been able to hold onto each other to enjoy the rollercoaster and all the while love, laughter and hope was certainly present!

As I write my last blog post for the year and I look back at all the memories that have been created, it brings to light how busy the year has been and how quickly it has flown by! I question myself then…have I embraced it enough? I really dislike looking back at things with regret, but I’m happy to say that I am ready to shut the chapter of this year with no regrets, only lessons learnt and am really looking forward to a new year with new beginnings and new memories!


The year started on a good note with great times spent at the coast! It was Mia’s first summer and our first summer as a party of 5! We had a few mini holidays as a family and with family! The kids love going away and so do we!







Once our summer fun was over and Kane went back to work, the reality of me going back to work after having 13 months off started to hit hard! I wasn’t ready at all. Between being diagnosed with my heart condition at the end of my pregnancy with Mia and then Mia being a very difficult baby, I was only just becoming content with everything when the time was up for me to return! It took ages, at least a term and a half for me to settle back into teaching and a new school at that! I’m happy to say I love my job now and am very settled and pleased to be Crestmead State School’s prep/1/2 special education teacher!

With me going back to work two days a week it meant my beautiful mother was back helping us out with babysitting again. It was Mia’s time with nanny as this year our Sie Sie girl started preschool! This was traumatic for us all! Unlike her brother Sienna cried and cried and begged us not leave her (I did that to my mum)! But after a few months the tears were gone and she has become such a confident little student all ready to tackle prep in the new year!

Bailey was so excited to be starting grade 1! He felt like a big boy this year and took responsibly in his stride all year. He had such an awesome year in prep so facing the new curriculum in year 1 was a little bit of a slap in the face at first, but I’m so proud of Bay he never gave up once. Even with more ear problems mid way through the year, he still managed a good report card. He excelled in semester 2 and where he started the year on a reading level 5 he was benchmarked a 21 to finish the year and received a brilliant report card!





It was a very special year for birthday’s this year….Mia’s 1st birthday, mum and dad’s 60th and nana’s 80th! This meant there was lots of cake decorating by myself and lots of family gatherings! Mia started the birthdays off in February when she turned 1. It was a lovely day spent with my little bear. Her first year had been such a trying one, but we’d made it and almost 12 months on she is the cheekiest, most delightful funny little girl, that is soooo full on lol!!!







Two 60ths and an 80th which were fantastic celebrations filled with close family and friends!




And of course we all turned another year older….


Bay turned 6:)


Kane and I turned 32 this year!

Sienna turned 4:)

Like every celebration we embraced it with plenty of decorations and cake! This year Easter was at our house for the first time! The kids had a ball hunting for eggs, playing on their jumping castle with their cousins and I made my first Easter cake:) Halloween was also a hit this year! I made dinner and dessert for everyone to enjoy, while the kids went trick or treating!








This year was the year Kane had been waiting for since Bailey took his first breath….he finally was ready to play football and that he did!! I still remember his first game. I felt nervous for him. I thought so many things that may of happen, but all that happened was my boy running, scoring, tackling, encouraging and most of all having fun! He had a brilliant footy season with his team being undefeated. Kane was assistant coach and it was a great time for him with his son doing what they both love best! They are both bursting at the seams for the new footy season to start!






Bay’s footy is not the only one we supported this year. We supported our Queenslanders to victory and were there when Petro played his last game for the Broncos! Kane still goes for his beloved Bulldogs and will never convince me to convert lol! But our biggest highlight of the year for achievement in sport was my nephew Sebastian. He made the Queensland under 12 rugby league team who took out the carnival in Mackay! This was such a special moment for our family as dad and I had made an under 12 state side as well…we even made the paper!







Our biggest challenge of all hit us mid year when the business Kane worked for went into liquidation. Kane was left without a job and we were down to one car! Thanks to fantastic mates, Kane was able to work and work and work until he finally landed a fantastic permanent job only a month ago. We were prepared for him not to find anything until the new year, so when this came up, we couldn’t believe it! We’d never lived without stability. Living from day to day, watching every single penny we spent so we could maintain our home and investment property! It has been such an unsettling time for us all, but we made it through and all thanks to my wonderful husband who is a work horse!

Visiting daddy at a job site…water playground – score!

But through the hard times I’ve laughed a lot at the kids this year! They are my everything. They are my light when I’m feeling dark. They may drive me crazy at times, but I would not be able to breathe without them….








And like I stated above, I’m not only blessed with three adorable children, I have the best husband to go with it!


I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year! Losing weight and getting fit was the best thing I’ve chosen to do since having my children. I’d never been in a position before where I needed to lose weight, but when faced everyday with a heart condition and letting myself go a bit after having my third child, this has kicked my butt into keeping myself at my best, in order to give myself the best chance of living the longest life possible….this mumma ain’t going no where! Not only am I physically fitter, I’m as mentally fit as I’ve ever been! Things that use to bother me don’t anymore (although my husband may disagree lol) and being forced into not having my husband around as much, I’ve learnt that I can do anything on my own! I owe all of this to running! I believe if I didn’t find the love of running, this paragraph may have been written differently!


Even though we had some really shaky parts of the year, it certainly is ending on a beautiful note! Christmas was so fantastic this year. We embraced it for all that it’s worth and most importantly we were together relishing in the love we have for each other!






My last cake of the year:)

As a new year approaches it gets you thinking what you’d like to see happen, resolutions and goals! All I want for the new year is for us all to be happy! After having such an unstable year and watching my husband feeling unhappy, I just want us to be settled and happy! It’s not about money or possessions, it’s about being settled and grounded, once these things are in place, everything else around you balances off nicely!

Of course there are lots of things that I hope don’t happen in the new year! I’d like us to go one year without having to take one of our children to the hospital to have their ears fixed. It was Mia’s turn this year and already Bailey is booked in for the end of summer if his ears don’t improve….but I am thinking positively!!!


And of course there are things I hope to achieve like cleaning out my laundry/study, the one room I just can never keep organised – it is my dumping ground. I want to get my scrapbooking in order and finish off Sienna’s baby album so I can start Mia’s! I have new running goals and the new year will be my first year where I plan to enter competitions!

Our biggest event that will kick start the year off though is our eldest daughter starting prep! How exciting! I can’t believe that the 10 pound 2 baby I gave birth to is about to start the adventure of primary school. I’m going to miss my little pumpkin so much and so will her baby sister….it’s just you and me Mimi….please be kind to mummy lol!

On that note I shall end my final 2012 blog with thanking you all for your support and reading about my life and My Party of 5! I started blogging as a way of helping others an if I’ve only helped one person with something than I’m happy with that! My goal was to reach 10 000 views of my blog by the end of the year and that has been well and truly achieved with over 10 300 views to date over the 90 odd blogs that I’ve written thus far. I wish you all a very happy new year that is filled with lots of love, laughter and good health and I look forward to sharing more of my life’s findings in the new year!

Seeing in the new year on our holiday at the coast….couldn’t think of a better way to spend it!

Family is EVERYTHING!!!!


I love this time of year! It oozes family time and for me there is nothing better than spending time with my beautiful family. Not only am I blessed to have my very own party of 5, but I’m also blessed to have grown up in a party of five that has extended a great deal over the years!

The fabulous people who have started off this great chain is my mother and father! They are truly the best parents anyone could ever ask for. Devoted, supportive, loving, generous and fun parents and grandparents. Without them, none of us would have half of what we have today!

The festive season always allows me to reflect and appreciate my family. One of my sisters lives in Melbourne with her family, so it is quite rare now that we are altogether, but when we are, we sure make up for it! Over the past week, we have spent several days together laughing, joking, debating, reminiscing and watching the kids have fun together! Amongst all of that a fair bit of eating (by the women) and drinking (by the men) has taken place lol! Gosh they are always good times!

My family is the essence of me. They complete the person I am. They are always there in times of need, sharing each and every happy or sad moment! They are people you can both laugh and cry with and be your absolute self. They are the ones you turn to and lean on when the going gets tough and the ones you call to rejoice with when something fantastic happens!

This is my family…my EVERYTHING!!!!!

We have gone from a party of 5 to 15!!!

My beautiful sisters….best friends forever!

My gals….my backbone!

The party of 5 I’m blessed to have come from!

Our 7 beautiful offsprings!

My party of 5 who I could not exist without!


Trew’s Christmas Traditions #6….Christmas Day!

6 weeks of red and green, Christmas trees, lights, shopping, wrapping, Santa visits, catch ups with family and friends and lots of baking and cooking and Christmas day is always over in a blink of an eye, but what a great day it was!
It’s like anything, your wedding day, engagement party, 1st birthday parties, you put so much time and effort in for weeks leading up to the big event and before you know it your are onto planning the next event of your life!

This Year’s Christmas was as great as any. The kid’s were really awesome going to bed Christmas eve, after they left food out for Santa and his reindeers, they were out to it by 7.30! This allowed time for us to finish wrapping their gifts and setting up and playing Santa!


I love christmas morning and the priceless looks on our babies faces when they see that Santa has ate all his cookies and drank his milk and of course how thrilled they are that Santa delivered awesome presents! It’s my favourite part of christmas day…our party of 5 relishing in each other’s love and devotion!

Christmas morning at the Trew Household…mmmwah!

I love the comments from the kids when they open their presents…”oh mum look what I got!” “yes I got it!” “omg mum look…!” “yay mummy!” “dad we can play this together now!” Paper flying around everywhere, ripping and tearing!

Christmas morning….
Love my new sun lounge chair;)

Once we enjoy our time together it’s go go go from then on in! Traditionally we always have breakfast at my in-laws and then lunch at my parents house. This year we had breakfast at our house with my in-laws and then lunch at my sister’s house which was easier for my nana. It really was an awesome day full of eating, laughing, giving and receiving!

Opening presents with family:)

Love family photos:


Food…there certainly was enough of it!! So much so that boxing day is always round 2 and left overs always taste so much better:)







I roasted the lamb, but most importantly made quite a few sweet treats: chocolate balls, cheese cake, red velvet cupcakes, jam drops and chocolate cookies and I made my first Christmas cake that was a vanilla sponge with butter cream icing!

Once we filled ourselves up and enjoyed nana and grandad’s company, we all hauled ourselves over to mum and dad’s where we swam all afternoon! What glorious weather we had:)


After starting our day at 5.30, we arrived home just before 9pm and fell into bed! It was a massive day but always filled with beautiful memories that will be cherished forever! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and were spoilt with love and laugher like we were!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours:)…xoxoxo!


Trew’s Christmas Traditions #5….White Christmas!

Since experiencing a ‘white’ Christmas in America, when Movie World started their White Christmas show, we jumped at the chance to go. We’ve been for the past couple of years now and we just love it. Between the million of beautiful lights that line the Main Street, the fake snow that falls down over you and the fantastic street parade, it is definitely worth a night out each festive season.

The kids love it! Sienna sings and dances to the carols, Bailey loves the ice skating and Mia just loves the sight of everything! It’s credit to Movie World how awesome they make it look! Between the lights, decorations and beautiful Christmas tree, it really adds a fantastic dimension to Christmas!

We much preferred last year though. This year we went on a weekend and it was so busy! Last year we went on a week night and not as many people, which is always more pleasant! Even though the rides are open, because we have annual passes, next year I will be declaring it a no ‘ride’ trip to Movie World as you waste too much time in the line ups and there is plenty to do without going on the rides!

I would highly recommend going to Movie World White Christmas….we have made it one of our Christmas traditions!

Highlights from our night:

Beautiful big Christmas tree!


Bailey finally getting the courage to ice skate…it’s the bravest he’s ever been…clumsy but brave lol!


Getting the hang of it!

Mastering it on his own…with ballerina arms lol!

Millions of lights…so beautiful!

The parade…







The kids loved it!!!

End of the night photos….




Trew’s Christmas Traditions #4….Christmas Card Photo!

To Christmas card or not?

I remember back before I moved out of home, getting excited each day when the postman came. We use to guess how many cards would be in the mail! Mum would sit for a couple of nights writing out her Christmas cards and we would do the same for our friends at school. Christmas cards are really starting to become the thing of the past now though. Between email, texting and social forums, electronically really is the new way people are spreading their Christmas joy!

I’m a Christmas card person and I can’t see that changing anytime soon! Prior to having children I would write on a traditional christmas card, now I create a photo post card of the kids that I send out each year. Some years I’ve made my cards from scratch and other years I’ve just sent out the photo. Sometimes I do a little of both. But it’s the sentiment of the photo of my angels that I know people appreciate receiving!
Bailey and Sienna enjoy writing out Christmas cards now to their friends and I endeavour to keep this tradition going with them!

Although it requires some preparation and time to get my Christmas photo and then address 50 plus envelopes to post, I will always make time for this Christmas tradition that I love doing! The following are some of the photos I’ve used in the past….

Our very first photo I sent out in 2006:)

Our first photo with two children back in 2008:)

This is the photo I used the year we were in America for Christmas of 2009!

I love 2010’s photo of Sienna:)

Our first photo with three babies…2011!

This year’s photo…which I absolutely adore!

Like the yearly photo with Santa, our Christmas card photos are a great memory of our party of 5 in progression!

Merry Christmas to all my followers…may 2013 be filled with lots of luck, good health and plenty of love and laughter…xoxoxo!

Ps – a scratchie is up for grabs if you can locate our 2007 Christmas card photo because I can’t find it anywhere!

And the winner is one of my best friends from primary school….Natasha Keerie…thanks Tash:)

2007 Christmas card photo of my adorable little man:)

Trew’s Christmas Traditions #3…..Christmas Clothes!

I just love how patriotic my children are. Whether it be Christmas, Easter, Australia Day or wear red for Daniel Morcombe, they are right in there embracing the moment with their clothes!

In the past it was so hard to find nice christmas shirts for kids to wear, but this year in particular, the christmas shirts, particularly for girls, are just gorgeous! When I bought the kid’s their first Christmas t-shirt this year, Sienna couldn’t wait to wear it! I held her off as long as I could but by the time we started to put our decorations up mid November, there was no stopping them….so for the next 6 weeks their wardrobe would consist of everything Christmas….pjs, shorts, skirts, dresses, hair clips, ribbons, shirts, you name it they wear it!

Sienna was so excited to finally wear her new shirt:)

We are also very lucky to have my beautiful mother who sews. The kids not only adore their nanny, but absolutely love the fact that they can put an order in for something and nanny has it made within a few days! They have loved going through materials and patterns with mum and picking out what they want. My mum is such a talented women and we’ve been telling her for years that she needs to sell her gorgeous pieces! Mum has made the kids shorts, skirts, dresses, pj boxer shorts and even a button and collared shirt for my nephew!

Here are some of the gorgeous things mum has made for the kids……

Straight skirts





Girls shorts


Flowing skirt


Boys shorts


Pj shorts


And this is how my children sport their outfits…..






Thank you mum for always helping the kids embrace the Christmas spirit! Their beautiful pieces of clothing will always be cherished and worn with absolute pride!

Trew’s Christmas Traditions #2…..Santa Photo!

I still remember when I was a little girl one of our family traditions was visiting Santa, telling him what I would like for Christmas and then sitting on his lap for our yearly photo! This is something that we do each year with our Party of 5 as well!

The kids love it…well once they get over their fear of the big fella, which most kids have around the age of 1-3! Our two eldest children love visiting Santa, but this year our youngest who is almost 2 didn’t want a bar to do with him! She’s all talk at home when she sees pictures of him or sees him on the television, but when it came to the crunch, she kept saying “no Santa mummy, no!” and was literally shaking like a leaf! Bailey and Sienna had deep and meaningfuls with him though and there were plenty of high 5s going around! Even Mia managed a super fast high 5 after saying “no 5 Santa mummy!” lol!

Since becoming parents in 2006, this year marked our 7th year of visiting Santa and getting our annual Santa photo…..

Bailey’s first photo with Santa and our first Christmas as parents…this was an extra special year!

The only way Bailey would have his photo taken with Santa was if we got in the photo too…I was pregnant with Sienna!

Our first Christmas as a family of 4, Sienna’s first Christmas….an extra special one!

This was taken just before we went to America…Sienna would only sit on Santa’s lap if I held her hand!

Yay – finally a photo where no one was scared of Santa…although I do remember having many conversations with Sienna about the fact that Santa wasn’t going to hurt her lol!

This is my favourite Santa photo to date – Mia’s first christmas and an extra special year as this was our first Christmas as a party of 5!

Our most recent photo that was taken yesterday….a family photo this year as Mia wasn’t a very willing participant – I still love it though!

Looking at these adorable photos makes me all warm and fuzzy and a great memory of the progression to building our beautiful family! I just love them! Now to create a masterpiece on how I will display them (I’ll keep you posted with that one). My aim is to keep this tradition going for as long as the kids allow it…my cut off will be 18 lol…if they are lucky lol!

Each year our current photo is placed in this frame that I bought quite a few years ago! It’s a great frame that can be used for many different occasions! All you do is fill the sides with whatever you want:)

Keep an eye out for my next Christmas tradition blog post on the Kid’s Christmas clothes…all thanks to their Nanny:)

Our Christmas U.S.A Vacation!

3 years ago, my husband and I packed up ourselves and the kids and set on an adventure of a life time to the States!

It was something we wanted to do for a long time and financially for us the timing was right as well as the cost of everything. Our flights were cheap and the dollar was about 93cents. I was quite apprehensive about traveling with a 3 and a half year old and 18 month old baby, but they were super excited that they were going to see Mickey and Mini!!!!!

When we decided to go, we went to a travel agent to help us plan our holiday as we had never travelled overseas before! We had three months to organise ourselves – travel insurance, pass ports, cash passports, flights, accommodation, converting money, packing….there was so much to do, but like everything it got done and we managed to get ourselves ready for a November 27th take off !!!!

The morning we arrived at the airport, I still remember it like it was yesterday! It was so surreal….I couldn’t believe we were finally going to America!!!! We just couldn’t wait to get there and get settled! We had a direct flight to LA – 14 hours and the kids slept for 8 of them! They were so much better than we thought they would be! We kept them entertained with food, DVDs, colouring in and lots of stories!

That moment when we stepped off the plane was also surreal….we were in Los Angeles USA!!!!!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store! For the first 24 hours (ok the whole 4 weeks lol)…it was exciting!!!! Their accents were so strong and seeing the driver on the opposite side of a car and driving on the opposite side of the road was so weird! The kids napped on and off a bit that day but we managed to work our way into their time quite nicely without too much back lash! Even though it’s an English speaking country, so many things were different! The toilets, the money, tipping….we had to learn fast!

We went for four weeks…
We spent a week in LA, 3 days in Las Vegas, 5 days at Lake Tahoe in the snow, a week in Pittsburgh (with our beautiful friends), 2 days in Washington and 5 days in New York which included a white Christmas!

We had the best time! Disneyland was magical, the snow was like fluffy powder, Vegas was bright and colourful on so many levels, Pittsburgh was awesome thank you to our wonderful friends, Washington was pretty and New York – well what can I say other than it is simply the best!

We created the most wonderful memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! Between driving in snow storms on both sides of the country, being stopped by homeless people, losing Sienna’s teddy (twice), missing trains, being in Washington at the same time the city was closed and hadn’t been in 30 years and spending a white christmas in New York, we definitely had a whirlwind holiday…but it was sensational! And the kids, well they were awesome!!!!! 4 weeks was plenty long enough for them though, but what an experience for them…not many children can say ‘I’ve been to Disneyland!’

These are some of the fond memories that we will always be able to look back on……




































































































Not for one second do we regret taking the kids while they were so young. In fact we are busting to go again. Things will be quite different this time though as we have an extra child, but our first two are much older and the beauty of going again now is that they will remember it! I recommend anyone to go to America…it is a great place to holiday!


Today is a very special day! 12/12/12….what a significant date! Today marks the last day that includes a date with consecutive numbers that we will ever see in our life time again! Because of this I want to reflect on what I’ve done today…..

Being a Wednesday it’s always my down day after working my two days on Monday and Tuesday. The girls and I always drop Bailey off in the drop off zone at school and then come straight home and potter. I’d already tidied up around the house first thing when I woke up, because today’s task was to do all my baking for the kid’s teacher’s gifts, and that I did. In fact I baked 36 cupcakes, a batch of choc chip cookies and two batches of tim tam balls! All I have to do now is ice the cupcakes tomorrow and gift bag them all – I have 5 to do in total!


Today is also a significant day in my life, as it is the last day at home with just me and my gals! Tomorrow is technically the last day but we go to the shops on Thursdays so today is our last day to hang at home! We’ve shared many laughs today. The girls are so funny together and individually. They’ve enjoyed licking the bowls of the cupcake mixture and the beaters too. They are my taste testers and never once have I had a bad review 🙂 We played outside for a little while and once Mia went down for her nap, Sienna and I had a lovely lunch together….I’m really going to miss my lunch date next year:( I even managed an hour to myself while both girls napped at the same time!


In the afternoon we went and picked Bailey up from school and captured yet another significant moment. Today marks the last day my son and my two nephews will be at the same school together as Sebby is off to high school next year!



Another fantastic moment of the day was reading my son’s report card. It brought a tear to my eye to see all As for effort and all high or very highs with one sound for SOSE. Bailey has had lots of issues with his ears again this year, so to see how well he has done at school makes me one proud mumma!
He also received a reward for his level 1 behaviour….now to consistently apply this to home lol!


The rest of the afternoon was bliss:)…we ate popcorn and mangoes for afternoon tea and then went for a bike ride to the park. The kids had a wonderful time enjoying all their favourite things! Bailey kicking his footy, Sienna practising finally being able to swing herself on the swing and Mia going down her favourite slide! I even managed to get my Christmas card photo so I can finally start making my Christmas cards!






I did have a scare though I thought for 10 minutes that I’d lost my mobile at the park…eeeek! In that moment I was feeling awful, terrible – how can a mobile phone cause such grief if lost lol! My phone isn’t just a phone though it’s my life. My camera, my blogging, it’s all done from my phone…thank goodness I found it in my clothes cupboard….I know I’ve lost it completely lol!

All in all 12/12/12 was a great day filled with lots of lovely moments and milestones! It ended just as great as we were able to spend an hour with Kane when he got home at 6.30 having dinner, dessert and looking at our Christmas lights!



RIP Daniel Morcombe….

I’m sure there wasn’t one person in Australia today who didn’t stop for a second to pay their respects to Daniel Morcombe and his family.

9 years ago a happy family who were enjoying life and the festivities that bring us at this time of year, had their hearts ripped out, torn apart and then stood on! The day their son went missing…..A son, grandson, brother, cousin, nephew and friend. Gone. 9 long pain staking years of searching, hoping, grieving. And today the Morcombe family can finally lay their beautiful boy to rest.

As I watched Daniel’s ceremony along with many other millions of Australians, my heart sank each and every time Daniel’s parents, Denise and Bruce Morcombe’s grief stricken faces were in view of the television screen. The braveness of Bruce when he read his piece and the sorrow that overtook Denise’s face as she shook her head at the thought of having to say a final goodbye to her little boy. As a tear dropped from my eye, my daughter asked me are you crying mummy? I put my arms out and there we sat hugging so tightly, appreciating what we have. When you are having a bad day, you only have to think of the Morcombes and that sure puts things into perspective!

I can’t even begin to imagine how they must feel now and over the past 9 years. Parents shouldn’t have to bury their children. It’s gut wrenching enough when children are taken from this earth by car accidents or terminal illnesses, but the way Daniel was taken…..how, as a parent, do you pick yourself up and recover from that!? Denise and Bruce Morcombe are such an inspiration and through their grief and pain have always showed their strength, courage and dignity when dealing with the media….what wonderful people, no wonder Daniel was known for being so mature, loving and thoughtful!

When I woke up this morning one of the first things I thought of was Daniel and his family and how they were feeling. As a mum, if I was Denise, I would give anything to hold my boy one last time. I would tell him how much I loved him and how proud of him I was. I would tell him to be brave and to try not be scared….I took the opportunity this morning to spend the extra time with my babies in bed. One by one I held them tight and gave them several sweet little kisses on their beautiful little faces. I told each of them I loved them and then squeezed them extra tight!

Sadly no one knows what’s around the corner. Daniel’s story is one that has impacted on Australia as a nation and although for the Morcombe family their story didn’t conclude with a happy ending, they sure have made it their job to bring such great awareness of child safety and stranger danger. In this situation they could have curled up in a ball and stopped living, but they chose to take the positive path and made sure Daniel’s legacy will always live on and that I am sure will happen!

So to all the mums and dads out there, make sure you give your little ones an extra big cuddle and kiss before bed tonight. Don’t sweat the small things and remember to stop and listen to your children when they want to talk to you! Life is so precious and way too short. I appreciate everyday that I am here on this earth being a mum to my three angels and I sincerely hope the Morcombe family can find peace now that their son has been laid to rest….RIP Daniel Morcombe – you will forever be in the hearts of many Australians near and far!