Family is EVERYTHING!!!!


I love this time of year! It oozes family time and for me there is nothing better than spending time with my beautiful family. Not only am I blessed to have my very own party of 5, but I’m also blessed to have grown up in a party of five that has extended a great deal over the years!

The fabulous people who have started off this great chain is my mother and father! They are truly the best parents anyone could ever ask for. Devoted, supportive, loving, generous and fun parents and grandparents. Without them, none of us would have half of what we have today!

The festive season always allows me to reflect and appreciate my family. One of my sisters lives in Melbourne with her family, so it is quite rare now that we are altogether, but when we are, we sure make up for it! Over the past week, we have spent several days together laughing, joking, debating, reminiscing and watching the kids have fun together! Amongst all of that a fair bit of eating (by the women) and drinking (by the men) has taken place lol! Gosh they are always good times!

My family is the essence of me. They complete the person I am. They are always there in times of need, sharing each and every happy or sad moment! They are people you can both laugh and cry with and be your absolute self. They are the ones you turn to and lean on when the going gets tough and the ones you call to rejoice with when something fantastic happens!

This is my family…my EVERYTHING!!!!!

We have gone from a party of 5 to 15!!!

My beautiful sisters….best friends forever!

My gals….my backbone!

The party of 5 I’m blessed to have come from!

Our 7 beautiful offsprings!

My party of 5 who I could not exist without!


My $1 gift is worth a million dollars to me:)

God love my selfless son:)!

As today is Wednesday, he always gets $1 to spend at the tuckshop during lunch time. This morning was a rush, we all slept in…thank you Mia!!! I gave Bay his dollar and off we went to school. It didn’t dawn on me until 10am that I forgot to give him $5 for the Mother’s Day stall. Bailey is usually so good at reminding me about things like this, but he did sleep until 7.15am! I felt so terrible, I made a call to the school who said they’d already been to the stall, but were happy for me to still bring the money up. That I did!

It was lunch time when I arrived and of course I spotted the tallest child in grade 1 first….my son lol! He always gives me a beautiful big cheesy grin that bursts with excitement to see me! He was pleasantly surprised to see me and asked so innocently why I was there. I told him that I bought his Mother’s Day stall money up. His beautiful face expressed a thousand words and when I asked him had he already bought me something he replied with a very tender yes. He had spent his $1 tuckshop money on me at the Mother’s Day stall and was happy to miss out on his ice-block for the day!

I was so touched and thrilled that my hard work of teaching our children to share and be selfless was obviously paying off. He didn’t even ask me for more money for the tuckshop, but of course after that act of kindness how could I not. After a sweet little kiss and cuddle from him we went our separate ways to carry on with our day. When I walked away and turned around, I could see his chest sticking out with pride, as I’d praised him immensely for what he did.

It’s moments liken this that being a parent is the most rewarding and satisfying job in the world. These moments far out weigh the hard times and god knows we go through some very difficult moments with Bailey. When I spoke to his teacher about it she wasn’t surprised, as he does things like this all the time at school:) Her comment was though “but don’t expect a $5 present!” No matter what $1 gift I receive, it will always be worth a million dollars to me!

I love you son….xoxoxo!