Trew’s Christmas Traditions #4….Christmas Card Photo!

To Christmas card or not?

I remember back before I moved out of home, getting excited each day when the postman came. We use to guess how many cards would be in the mail! Mum would sit for a couple of nights writing out her Christmas cards and we would do the same for our friends at school. Christmas cards are really starting to become the thing of the past now though. Between email, texting and social forums, electronically really is the new way people are spreading their Christmas joy!

I’m a Christmas card person and I can’t see that changing anytime soon! Prior to having children I would write on a traditional christmas card, now I create a photo post card of the kids that I send out each year. Some years I’ve made my cards from scratch and other years I’ve just sent out the photo. Sometimes I do a little of both. But it’s the sentiment of the photo of my angels that I know people appreciate receiving!
Bailey and Sienna enjoy writing out Christmas cards now to their friends and I endeavour to keep this tradition going with them!

Although it requires some preparation and time to get my Christmas photo and then address 50 plus envelopes to post, I will always make time for this Christmas tradition that I love doing! The following are some of the photos I’ve used in the past….

Our very first photo I sent out in 2006:)

Our first photo with two children back in 2008:)

This is the photo I used the year we were in America for Christmas of 2009!

I love 2010’s photo of Sienna:)

Our first photo with three babies…2011!

This year’s photo…which I absolutely adore!

Like the yearly photo with Santa, our Christmas card photos are a great memory of our party of 5 in progression!

Merry Christmas to all my followers…may 2013 be filled with lots of luck, good health and plenty of love and laughter…xoxoxo!

Ps – a scratchie is up for grabs if you can locate our 2007 Christmas card photo because I can’t find it anywhere!

And the winner is one of my best friends from primary school….Natasha Keerie…thanks Tash:)

2007 Christmas card photo of my adorable little man:)

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