Trew’s Christmas Traditions #6….Christmas Day!

6 weeks of red and green, Christmas trees, lights, shopping, wrapping, Santa visits, catch ups with family and friends and lots of baking and cooking and Christmas day is always over in a blink of an eye, but what a great day it was!
It’s like anything, your wedding day, engagement party, 1st birthday parties, you put so much time and effort in for weeks leading up to the big event and before you know it your are onto planning the next event of your life!

This Year’s Christmas was as great as any. The kid’s were really awesome going to bed Christmas eve, after they left food out for Santa and his reindeers, they were out to it by 7.30! This allowed time for us to finish wrapping their gifts and setting up and playing Santa!


I love christmas morning and the priceless looks on our babies faces when they see that Santa has ate all his cookies and drank his milk and of course how thrilled they are that Santa delivered awesome presents! It’s my favourite part of christmas day…our party of 5 relishing in each other’s love and devotion!

Christmas morning at the Trew Household…mmmwah!

I love the comments from the kids when they open their presents…”oh mum look what I got!” “yes I got it!” “omg mum look…!” “yay mummy!” “dad we can play this together now!” Paper flying around everywhere, ripping and tearing!

Christmas morning….
Love my new sun lounge chair;)

Once we enjoy our time together it’s go go go from then on in! Traditionally we always have breakfast at my in-laws and then lunch at my parents house. This year we had breakfast at our house with my in-laws and then lunch at my sister’s house which was easier for my nana. It really was an awesome day full of eating, laughing, giving and receiving!

Opening presents with family:)

Love family photos:


Food…there certainly was enough of it!! So much so that boxing day is always round 2 and left overs always taste so much better:)







I roasted the lamb, but most importantly made quite a few sweet treats: chocolate balls, cheese cake, red velvet cupcakes, jam drops and chocolate cookies and I made my first Christmas cake that was a vanilla sponge with butter cream icing!

Once we filled ourselves up and enjoyed nana and grandad’s company, we all hauled ourselves over to mum and dad’s where we swam all afternoon! What glorious weather we had:)


After starting our day at 5.30, we arrived home just before 9pm and fell into bed! It was a massive day but always filled with beautiful memories that will be cherished forever! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and were spoilt with love and laugher like we were!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours:)…xoxoxo!


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