Today is a very special day! 12/12/12….what a significant date! Today marks the last day that includes a date with consecutive numbers that we will ever see in our life time again! Because of this I want to reflect on what I’ve done today…..

Being a Wednesday it’s always my down day after working my two days on Monday and Tuesday. The girls and I always drop Bailey off in the drop off zone at school and then come straight home and potter. I’d already tidied up around the house first thing when I woke up, because today’s task was to do all my baking for the kid’s teacher’s gifts, and that I did. In fact I baked 36 cupcakes, a batch of choc chip cookies and two batches of tim tam balls! All I have to do now is ice the cupcakes tomorrow and gift bag them all – I have 5 to do in total!


Today is also a significant day in my life, as it is the last day at home with just me and my gals! Tomorrow is technically the last day but we go to the shops on Thursdays so today is our last day to hang at home! We’ve shared many laughs today. The girls are so funny together and individually. They’ve enjoyed licking the bowls of the cupcake mixture and the beaters too. They are my taste testers and never once have I had a bad review ๐Ÿ™‚ We played outside for a little while and once Mia went down for her nap, Sienna and I had a lovely lunch together….I’m really going to miss my lunch date next year:( I even managed an hour to myself while both girls napped at the same time!


In the afternoon we went and picked Bailey up from school and captured yet another significant moment. Today marks the last day my son and my two nephews will be at the same school together as Sebby is off to high school next year!



Another fantastic moment of the day was reading my son’s report card. It brought a tear to my eye to see all As for effort and all high or very highs with one sound for SOSE. Bailey has had lots of issues with his ears again this year, so to see how well he has done at school makes me one proud mumma!
He also received a reward for his level 1 behaviour….now to consistently apply this to home lol!


The rest of the afternoon was bliss:)…we ate popcorn and mangoes for afternoon tea and then went for a bike ride to the park. The kids had a wonderful time enjoying all their favourite things! Bailey kicking his footy, Sienna practising finally being able to swing herself on the swing and Mia going down her favourite slide! I even managed to get my Christmas card photo so I can finally start making my Christmas cards!






I did have a scare though I thought for 10 minutes that I’d lost my mobile at the park…eeeek! In that moment I was feeling awful, terrible – how can a mobile phone cause such grief if lost lol! My phone isn’t just a phone though it’s my life. My camera, my blogging, it’s all done from my phone…thank goodness I found it in my clothes cupboard….I know I’ve lost it completely lol!

All in all 12/12/12 was a great day filled with lots of lovely moments and milestones! It ended just as great as we were able to spend an hour with Kane when he got home at 6.30 having dinner, dessert and looking at our Christmas lights!



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