Trew’s Christmas Traditions #3…..Christmas Clothes!

I just love how patriotic my children are. Whether it be Christmas, Easter, Australia Day or wear red for Daniel Morcombe, they are right in there embracing the moment with their clothes!

In the past it was so hard to find nice christmas shirts for kids to wear, but this year in particular, the christmas shirts, particularly for girls, are just gorgeous! When I bought the kid’s their first Christmas t-shirt this year, Sienna couldn’t wait to wear it! I held her off as long as I could but by the time we started to put our decorations up mid November, there was no stopping them….so for the next 6 weeks their wardrobe would consist of everything Christmas….pjs, shorts, skirts, dresses, hair clips, ribbons, shirts, you name it they wear it!

Sienna was so excited to finally wear her new shirt:)

We are also very lucky to have my beautiful mother who sews. The kids not only adore their nanny, but absolutely love the fact that they can put an order in for something and nanny has it made within a few days! They have loved going through materials and patterns with mum and picking out what they want. My mum is such a talented women and we’ve been telling her for years that she needs to sell her gorgeous pieces! Mum has made the kids shorts, skirts, dresses, pj boxer shorts and even a button and collared shirt for my nephew!

Here are some of the gorgeous things mum has made for the kids……

Straight skirts





Girls shorts


Flowing skirt


Boys shorts


Pj shorts


And this is how my children sport their outfits…..






Thank you mum for always helping the kids embrace the Christmas spirit! Their beautiful pieces of clothing will always be cherished and worn with absolute pride!

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