It’s been a while since I posted a ‘fashion’ blog and I’m missing playing with my love of fashion! It is my intention to spend some more time on this section of my blog in the coming weeks:) But this week’s findings are a great one! If you’re after a new sportswear range of clothing for your wardrobe and you’re sick of wearing the same gear you’ve had in your cupboard forever, then look no further I have found the perfect range for you!

Kate Beeley is a healthy, fit and dedicated mother of 2, who has her own personal fitness business – MissFit Personal Training and in 2011, she designed and started her own sportswear range for her clients and anyone looking for comfort and style! Kate is a wonderful role model for women, especially mums who are looking to get back into shape after having a baby and need the motivation and encouragement to do so.


MissFit is a quality and affordable range of sportswear that I highly recommend. There are several items to choose from which range in style and colour to meet your needs. You can either browse and purchase online or visit the store which is located on 429 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo.

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the MissFit store yet, but I have full intentions of doing so in the near future. Instead I made my purchase of my MissFit sportswear online and I’m happy to say it was a pleasurable experience. It was easy and I received my goods within a few days of purchase. I was also lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the 30% off sale that MissFit was offering last weekend, in conjunction with the Brisbane Health and Fitness expo held at the Convention Centre.

These were my purchases:



Simply and comfortable black running shorts…I wore these yesterday and they are amazing!!!


These are MissFit’s new range called bubble shorts…I love anything with rainbow print. The leg length can be adjusted with the side laces – also very comfortable!


I feel like I should be out playing a game of tennis in my skorts…the material is super soft and beautiful to wear!



My favourite top, not only because it has the rainbow print, but it’s firm and the material is lovely to wear. It also has a shelf bra to keep the ladies firmly in place!


Perfect for summer this mesh top is going to be worn heaps on my 10k runs!


I love yellow, so this top sold me straightway! Nice lightweight cotton material and could even be used casually with a pair of shorts!


Simple T style shirt but a beautiful quality material that is perfect for cooler mornings.

The total of my sale came to $157 with free postage as I spent over $150. With the 30% off sale, I saved myself $70!!!!

These are my first MissFit purchases so far. I’m all fitted out for summer now, well so I thought until I saw some of the new stock that I MUST have!! I wore my first MissFit outfit yesterday and I was so impressed with how comfortable each piece was, especially the shorts!! I find as a runner, I need my comfort to be not only in my shoes but my shorts or tights. I was so happy to finish my 10k (flat) run yesterday with the second fastest time I’ve ever run (48.32mins) – must have been the outfit…thank you MissFit;)! I look forward to wearing each of my new pieces of MissFit sportswear as I start a new week of running!


Be sure to head over to the MissFit website www.missfitsportswear and check out the full range of MissFit sportswear and pricing. MissFit Sportswear also has its own Facebook page, where you can be kept up to date with all the new stock and current promotions and discounts!

$1 Well Spent!

It’s been ages since I’ve written a fashion blog!!! So much has been happening with other parts of my life I just haven’t had the time. But watch this space as it’s getting closer to winter and you all know I LOVE winter fashion. I will be doing a series of winter fashion blogs in the coming weeks!

But today I had to share my recent most bargain purchase. My yellow top for $1!!! That’s right $1!!!! As I walked through the aisles of K-Mart the other day, they had sale racks with very little left on them, but neatly stacked in a row were a dozen yellow tees. The yellow caught my eye at first, as this is one of my favourite colours that I love to wear, but it’s not the most popular in stores. When I went over and had a look at the sale ticket it was marked $1!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes and I said to my 2 year old daughter who looked back at me with her big blue eyes “OMG Mia these tips are $1!!!! Lol! I had to giggle to myself when other people were stopping and saying the same thing!

I couldn’t resist and bought one. It may not last long and may shrink in the wash and be only good for one wear, but I don’t care as it was $1!!!!! Never in all the years of my bargain findings have I purchased a top for under $5. I think on a few occasions I have been lucky enough to nab a top for $3 or $4 but $1- I was impressed!

I’m not too proud to buy clothes from anywhere. Clothes are just material sewn together to cover our bodies. As long as it looks good, feels good on and is exactly what I want, I purchase and for $1 you can never ever go wrong!!!

I wore my top today and I love it!! Very comfy on:)

D is for Dress!!!!!

It’s been a while since I posted a fashion blog and more than ever I am loving the fashion at the moment! It’s quite versatile, bright and laced all things that I like! My aim, like I did for winter, was to compile a list of summer essentials, but due to the busyness of Christmas and holidaying, I haven’t had the time. Instead throughout summer I will update my bargain purchases cause who doesn’t like a bargain???

Recently I’ve discovered the love of a dress again. I’ve always liked dresses and have quite a few, but for me it’s one of those items that I go through a phase with…and yes I’m in a dress phase at the moment! After having a clean out of my wardrobe recently I was left with very little choice of dresses, but I’m happy to say that I’ve made some bargain purchases lately to help fix that situation!

My recent purchases….


My two bargain purchases from K-Mart…on sale $8 each thank you very much! Dress them up with some black heels, a black clutch bag, nice big black earrings and hair down or swooped up with a flower and you’ll be all ready to party!


A wardrobe always needs some lovely maxi dresses…yellow one was $15 from SES and the beige one was $50 from a shop at Burleigh…both oh so summery!




My local shopping centre at Calamvale has a cute little boutique store called In Style…these dresses I purchased for $10 each accept for my blue one which was $50!

Love this little casual dress for any girly occasion from Ice for $10!

My favourite out of all of them is my blue party dress I bought to wear for my husband’s Christmas party…it’s nice to get all dolled up, even if it is every now and again!

So there you have it my recent dress fetish…now to have somewhere to wear them to…must be time for a girls night out???



After a long (but lovely fashion wise) winter, the warmer weather is starting to greet us so what better way to sort through our existing summer wardrobe and stock up on what we need! I’m in the middle of compiling stuff for my summer fashion blog so keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

The point of this fashion blog is to promote Coles’ range of clothing called ‘Mix’! I originally came across the Mix brand about a year ago when it was being introduced at our local Pick and Pay! One of the first things I bought was a running outfit (I know shocking lol)! Since then I’ve bought a heap of different things from pants, jackets, to casual tops and shorts! So far I have never been disappointed by their quality (they wash really well) and the best bit their prices are awesome!

Last week I picked up 4 singlet tops that were $6 each or 2 for $9, a pair of tailored black shorts for $19 and a beautiful pair of earrings for $10….6 things for under $50 I was happy with that!


The most exciting thing about this range is that they have bought out babies, kids and men’s clothing! Again the quality is awesome and the prices are fantastic! I would definitely recommend if you are ever at Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre check out the Mix range of clothing situated upstairs at Coles (the old Pick and Pay)!

Sales Galore!!!!

A common sign that is hanging in shop windows at the moment boldly exclaims – sales, sales, sales!!!! I love end of season sales, it always makes me wonder why I even bother purchasing stuff at the beginning of a season! If only we had enough will power to wait until now we’d have so much more money to spend!


The fashion this winter has been awesome! From tights, to coloured skinny jeans, to long flowing cardigans. Yet there has still been the oldie but goodie stuff around like boots, ballet flats, jackets and jeans! I’m so looking forward to the warmer weather, but I will miss wearing my winter attire!

You think by now we should have reached our limit of needing anymore winter clothes, but I don’t know about anyone else, no matter what time of year if I find something I love and is a bargain price I’ll gladly buy it! I’ve spent my whole winter trying to find a nice quality hoodie, but I’m still searching and am about to retire until next winter! On the weekend I was told to check out Cotton On, so after work yesterday I stopped in at Browns Plains Plaza….I came out with everything but a hoodie – oops!

I couldn’t help myself but the bargains were calling my name! I only had a small amount of time and had to get some groceries, but I still managed to purchase two pairs of shoes, a jacket, cardi and two tops for a total of $60!!! Most of the stuff I bought were originally priced at $40 and came down to as low as $5!!!!

My jacket was $40 reduced to $15 at Big W…it came in navy blue as well, I think I’ll go back and get that one too:)

I did go into Cotton On but didn’t purchase a hoodie….I do love these three items though:) $15 cardi and the two tops were $5 each!


My shoes were the best bargain….$10 each from Famous Footwear!!!

Imagine if it wasn’t a work day and I had more time to shop….omg!!! It’s clear to me that these days, there is no reason why anyone can’t dress respectably or make sure their children have shoes on their feet. I bought Sienna a beautiful coral pair of high top shoes at Big W last week for $3 and a red and white spotted pair for $3 as well! There are sales galore at the moment and there is nothing better than walking out of a shop with a bargain in your shopping bag!!!!

Coloured skinnies….obsessed much!

Oh winter fashion you are sending me broke…lol! There is so much out there to fashion this winter and my new obsession being – coloured skinny jeans!! As I’ve stated in my past fashion blogs, I love jeans! Particularly skinny jeans. And what better way to embrace the skinny jean than adding some colour to my collection! It takes me a while to change my ways, but once I do I really go all out!


I started with one pair, the green being my favourite! At first I thought I wouldn’t really get much wear out of any other colour but then I started seeing them on other people – in catalogues, on tv shows, which led me to my collection! I’m the proud owner of 5 different colours now and I love them all! They are so easy to mix and match with a variety of tops, jackets and scarves that I already had.


I think the best thing about my obsession is that I didn’t pay an arm and leg for them! I purchased them all from Big W’s Emerson range. They are a great quality, beautiful material and wash really well without losing any colour! Price – $18.86….bargain!!!!! So far each time I’ve worn a pair, I’ve had heaps of people ask where I got them from….I wore my pink ones to work yesterday and they were a hit!


I still love my denim skinnies, but when jeans are all I really wear during winter, it’s nice to have something in my wardrobe to break up the usual trend that I wear!


Mix & Match!

Everyone has their own style and taste in clothing!

I’m a pretty casual dresser, but am anal about colour coordinating and have a real issue with things like two different prints worn together at the same time! During winter, you’ll mostly find me in jeans, long sleeve tops, ballet flats and a matching scarf or beanie! One thing I cannot do, is wear everything plain! If I wear all plain coloured clothes then I have to wear patterned shoes, scarf, beanie, or have a patterned handbag…I just can’t do it! That is my OCD coming out lol!

My last fashion blog gave an insight into the things I can’t live without during winter. To follow on with this, I’ve put together some of those pieces and mixed and matched them together which creates my sense of winter fashion:)










It’s only a small snippet to my wardrobe, but there you have it – neat casual all the way! I do love getting all glammed up in a nice dress with heals, but I keep that look for the races or a wedding! I’m just your average everyday mum that likes to look neat and tidy and of course coordinated, but most importantly comfortable! I always have such a great day if I’m wearing something I love and feel comfortable in!

7 Essentials of My Winter Wardrobe!

My favourite time of year is spring/summer and I really dislike winter, but I do love the fashion! As winter is now upon us, I put together a collection of my favourite winter items that I couldn’t live without!

My 7 Essentials:


I became a lover of scarves when I started teaching and experienced my first winter out west! Since then I’ve spent a lot of time visiting Melbourne where my sister and her family live and we spent 4 weeks in the States during winter – snow and all, which is where I’ve purchased some of my favourite ones. I’m also lucky mum has knitted me quite a few to. An outfit can look quite dull until a scarf is added and completes it 10 fold!



I feel an outfit isn’t complete unless something in on my head! One of my favourite things about winter is being able to fashion my beanies!


Jeans / Tights:

I very rarely wear dresses or skirts during winter, maybe on an occasional work day with tights and boots, otherwise I live in jeans. My favorites are my skinny jeans and I love my jeggins! I just bought my first pair of coloured skinny jeans today!



Jackets….obsessed much and these are just my favourites! I’m drawn to them when I go to the shops, plus they are so good to dress up or down!



I love that Queensland’s winter allows us to still feel summery….nothing like a good 3/4 or long sleeve shirt to dress up a pair of jeans!



I find it hard to find a nice woolen jumper, but I do love the feel of wool in winter!



Ballet flats….have many and would still go out and buy 10 pairs more! I don’t do heels unless I go to a wedding or the races, I feel too tall and unco in them! Ballet flats are always safe:) and you can dress them up or down!


I only have two Pairs of boots, in the obvious colours of black and brown and again they are flat and comfortable but an essential in winter! I live in my brown ones the most.


So there you have it, the above winter items are my favourites! Some are new, some are old, some were bought locally, others from down south and others as far as New York! Keep an eye out for my next fashion blog on how to mix, match and style your winter wardrobe!

Dress it up!

Fashion, shopping, styling….just another obsession of mine!

I’ve been a shopping queen for as long as I can remember now! I calmed down for a bit there while I was having the kids and fluctuating between sizes. But I’m back and loving replenishing my wardrobe….especially for winter fashion!!!

My latest purchase is a beautiful cream crochet dress that I purchased from Kmart for a low $19!!!! Oh I forgot to mention, I like to bargain shop and am happy to buy from wherever as long as it looks good and isn’t going to shrink or fall apart after one wash! I will occasionally splurge on something expensive, but then again I find ways like eBay or outlets to find the identical piece at half the price! I do this why?? So I can purchase more! The more money I save on bargains, the more stuff I can buy while I’m shopping!


One thing I don’t usually do, is purchase something unless I am going to wear it a lot or unless it is for a specific occasion. My new dress was a purchase for neither of those reasons, it was bought just because! I really liked the style and colour and already had many accessories that I can style it with. A dress like this is nice to have in the wardrobe at this time of year in case we go to a party, dinner or even the races.

I don’t have a lot of items in my wardrobe that resembles a vintage look, but when I spotted this dress for the first time, I loved it. This is how I would style it:

Dress it up with brown heals, chocolate brown long necklace and clutch bag with a pattern!


Not as dressy but still elegant with wedges, necklace and clutch bag.


Bit more smart casual now with boots, large round earrings and clutch bag!


Trying my dress on for the first time!


I can’t wait to go somewhere and wear my dress for the first time. No plans anytime soon, so the way things are going I think I may just have to get dressed up and wear it around the house for the day lol!

Keep an eye out for my next fashion post….7 Essentials of my Winter Wardrobe!