D is for Dress!!!!!

It’s been a while since I posted a fashion blog and more than ever I am loving the fashion at the moment! It’s quite versatile, bright and laced all things that I like! My aim, like I did for winter, was to compile a list of summer essentials, but due to the busyness of Christmas and holidaying, I haven’t had the time. Instead throughout summer I will update my bargain purchases cause who doesn’t like a bargain???

Recently I’ve discovered the love of a dress again. I’ve always liked dresses and have quite a few, but for me it’s one of those items that I go through a phase with…and yes I’m in a dress phase at the moment! After having a clean out of my wardrobe recently I was left with very little choice of dresses, but I’m happy to say that I’ve made some bargain purchases lately to help fix that situation!

My recent purchases….


My two bargain purchases from K-Mart…on sale $8 each thank you very much! Dress them up with some black heels, a black clutch bag, nice big black earrings and hair down or swooped up with a flower and you’ll be all ready to party!


A wardrobe always needs some lovely maxi dresses…yellow one was $15 from SES and the beige one was $50 from a shop at Burleigh…both oh so summery!




My local shopping centre at Calamvale has a cute little boutique store called In Style…these dresses I purchased for $10 each accept for my blue one which was $50!

Love this little casual dress for any girly occasion from Ice for $10!

My favourite out of all of them is my blue party dress I bought to wear for my husband’s Christmas party…it’s nice to get all dolled up, even if it is every now and again!

So there you have it my recent dress fetish…now to have somewhere to wear them to…must be time for a girls night out???


Dress it up!

Fashion, shopping, styling….just another obsession of mine!

I’ve been a shopping queen for as long as I can remember now! I calmed down for a bit there while I was having the kids and fluctuating between sizes. But I’m back and loving replenishing my wardrobe….especially for winter fashion!!!

My latest purchase is a beautiful cream crochet dress that I purchased from Kmart for a low $19!!!! Oh I forgot to mention, I like to bargain shop and am happy to buy from wherever as long as it looks good and isn’t going to shrink or fall apart after one wash! I will occasionally splurge on something expensive, but then again I find ways like eBay or outlets to find the identical piece at half the price! I do this why?? So I can purchase more! The more money I save on bargains, the more stuff I can buy while I’m shopping!


One thing I don’t usually do, is purchase something unless I am going to wear it a lot or unless it is for a specific occasion. My new dress was a purchase for neither of those reasons, it was bought just because! I really liked the style and colour and already had many accessories that I can style it with. A dress like this is nice to have in the wardrobe at this time of year in case we go to a party, dinner or even the races.

I don’t have a lot of items in my wardrobe that resembles a vintage look, but when I spotted this dress for the first time, I loved it. This is how I would style it:

Dress it up with brown heals, chocolate brown long necklace and clutch bag with a pattern!


Not as dressy but still elegant with wedges, necklace and clutch bag.


Bit more smart casual now with boots, large round earrings and clutch bag!


Trying my dress on for the first time!


I can’t wait to go somewhere and wear my dress for the first time. No plans anytime soon, so the way things are going I think I may just have to get dressed up and wear it around the house for the day lol!

Keep an eye out for my next fashion post….7 Essentials of my Winter Wardrobe!