Mix & Match!

Everyone has their own style and taste in clothing!

I’m a pretty casual dresser, but am anal about colour coordinating and have a real issue with things like two different prints worn together at the same time! During winter, you’ll mostly find me in jeans, long sleeve tops, ballet flats and a matching scarf or beanie! One thing I cannot do, is wear everything plain! If I wear all plain coloured clothes then I have to wear patterned shoes, scarf, beanie, or have a patterned handbag…I just can’t do it! That is my OCD coming out lol!

My last fashion blog gave an insight into the things I can’t live without during winter. To follow on with this, I’ve put together some of those pieces and mixed and matched them together which creates my sense of winter fashion:)










It’s only a small snippet to my wardrobe, but there you have it – neat casual all the way! I do love getting all glammed up in a nice dress with heals, but I keep that look for the races or a wedding! I’m just your average everyday mum that likes to look neat and tidy and of course coordinated, but most importantly comfortable! I always have such a great day if I’m wearing something I love and feel comfortable in!

7 Essentials of My Winter Wardrobe!

My favourite time of year is spring/summer and I really dislike winter, but I do love the fashion! As winter is now upon us, I put together a collection of my favourite winter items that I couldn’t live without!

My 7 Essentials:


I became a lover of scarves when I started teaching and experienced my first winter out west! Since then I’ve spent a lot of time visiting Melbourne where my sister and her family live and we spent 4 weeks in the States during winter – snow and all, which is where I’ve purchased some of my favourite ones. I’m also lucky mum has knitted me quite a few to. An outfit can look quite dull until a scarf is added and completes it 10 fold!



I feel an outfit isn’t complete unless something in on my head! One of my favourite things about winter is being able to fashion my beanies!


Jeans / Tights:

I very rarely wear dresses or skirts during winter, maybe on an occasional work day with tights and boots, otherwise I live in jeans. My favorites are my skinny jeans and I love my jeggins! I just bought my first pair of coloured skinny jeans today!



Jackets….obsessed much and these are just my favourites! I’m drawn to them when I go to the shops, plus they are so good to dress up or down!



I love that Queensland’s winter allows us to still feel summery….nothing like a good 3/4 or long sleeve shirt to dress up a pair of jeans!



I find it hard to find a nice woolen jumper, but I do love the feel of wool in winter!



Ballet flats….have many and would still go out and buy 10 pairs more! I don’t do heels unless I go to a wedding or the races, I feel too tall and unco in them! Ballet flats are always safe:) and you can dress them up or down!


I only have two Pairs of boots, in the obvious colours of black and brown and again they are flat and comfortable but an essential in winter! I live in my brown ones the most.


So there you have it, the above winter items are my favourites! Some are new, some are old, some were bought locally, others from down south and others as far as New York! Keep an eye out for my next fashion blog on how to mix, match and style your winter wardrobe!

Dress it up!

Fashion, shopping, styling….just another obsession of mine!

I’ve been a shopping queen for as long as I can remember now! I calmed down for a bit there while I was having the kids and fluctuating between sizes. But I’m back and loving replenishing my wardrobe….especially for winter fashion!!!

My latest purchase is a beautiful cream crochet dress that I purchased from Kmart for a low $19!!!! Oh I forgot to mention, I like to bargain shop and am happy to buy from wherever as long as it looks good and isn’t going to shrink or fall apart after one wash! I will occasionally splurge on something expensive, but then again I find ways like eBay or outlets to find the identical piece at half the price! I do this why?? So I can purchase more! The more money I save on bargains, the more stuff I can buy while I’m shopping!


One thing I don’t usually do, is purchase something unless I am going to wear it a lot or unless it is for a specific occasion. My new dress was a purchase for neither of those reasons, it was bought just because! I really liked the style and colour and already had many accessories that I can style it with. A dress like this is nice to have in the wardrobe at this time of year in case we go to a party, dinner or even the races.

I don’t have a lot of items in my wardrobe that resembles a vintage look, but when I spotted this dress for the first time, I loved it. This is how I would style it:

Dress it up with brown heals, chocolate brown long necklace and clutch bag with a pattern!


Not as dressy but still elegant with wedges, necklace and clutch bag.


Bit more smart casual now with boots, large round earrings and clutch bag!


Trying my dress on for the first time!


I can’t wait to go somewhere and wear my dress for the first time. No plans anytime soon, so the way things are going I think I may just have to get dressed up and wear it around the house for the day lol!

Keep an eye out for my next fashion post….7 Essentials of my Winter Wardrobe!