Coloured skinnies….obsessed much!

Oh winter fashion you are sending me broke…lol! There is so much out there to fashion this winter and my new obsession being – coloured skinny jeans!! As I’ve stated in my past fashion blogs, I love jeans! Particularly skinny jeans. And what better way to embrace the skinny jean than adding some colour to my collection! It takes me a while to change my ways, but once I do I really go all out!


I started with one pair, the green being my favourite! At first I thought I wouldn’t really get much wear out of any other colour but then I started seeing them on other people – in catalogues, on tv shows, which led me to my collection! I’m the proud owner of 5 different colours now and I love them all! They are so easy to mix and match with a variety of tops, jackets and scarves that I already had.


I think the best thing about my obsession is that I didn’t pay an arm and leg for them! I purchased them all from Big W’s Emerson range. They are a great quality, beautiful material and wash really well without losing any colour! Price – $18.86….bargain!!!!! So far each time I’ve worn a pair, I’ve had heaps of people ask where I got them from….I wore my pink ones to work yesterday and they were a hit!


I still love my denim skinnies, but when jeans are all I really wear during winter, it’s nice to have something in my wardrobe to break up the usual trend that I wear!


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