2015’s Running Go

With each new year, brings a new start for everything. It’s the perfect opportunity to set new goals to work towards. I have many personal goals that I’ve set myself this year and my running will play a big part with achieving them!

I’ve decided I’m going to start from scratch with my running PBs. Now that I’m into my fourth year of running, I thought it was time to clear the slate and set new goals to achieve PBs. I have a new running log set up, new watch, new shoes, new items of clothing….I’m officially ready to take on my challenge for 2015!!



20150201-200040.jpg Running is one of those exercises that can become boring if it’s not changed in any way. As running is my therapy, I’m always challenging myself and setting new goals so I don’t become bored with it! My goals for this year are:

*To run sub 5min kms for every km up until 12km.

*1km under 4 mins

*2km under 8 mins

*3km under 14 mins

*4km under 19 mins

*5km under 24 mins

*And if my cardiologist supports me, run the Gold Coast half marathon in July!!! Thankfully I have a whole year to work on these goals lol!

While we were overseas, I spent the month continuing to run but I didn’t track my kilometres. I would set myself a time frame and run for that. It was awesome. There was no pressure. But because of that, I have lost some of my speed, but that’s what makes this challenge even more challenging!!

At the end of last year, I set myself a challenge to run 100k for the month of November. This is also another goal that I’ve set myself to continue to run – 100k each month this year. So far I’m pleased to say that I’ve just completed my biggest week of kilometres 33k, which has taken me to a total of 110k for the month of January, which is also the biggest month I’ve ever run!!!

Now that I’ve started on the front foot and now that I’ve gotten over the most annoying sinus infection, I’m ready to face the challenge ahead of me!!!

My final goal I’ve set for myself is to include the kids on one of my runs each week. So far last week Sienna rode 5k with me while I ran. We had a ball. She loved the first 4k but didn’t quite get my enthusiasm during the last kilometre lol! Mia waits for me each morning I run and we do a few laps of our street before we heading inside to stretch and this afternoon Bailey and I started training for his cross-country. I was so proud of him. He ran 2k in just over 12 mins and didn’t stop once! I’m so excited for what’s ahead!

20150201-200152.jpg I hope 2015 brings us all good fortune with keeping fit and healthy and be sure that I will keep you up to date with how my progress is going!

What goals or challenges have you set yourself for 2015?

Untying of the Knot!

The time has arrived. After being home for the past 4 years and tied to either myself or my mum’s apron string, Mia’s knot has been untied and she is now officially a preschooler!


This moment has been discussed and prepared for over the past few months and although we knew it had to happen, it always leaves me with an empty and sad feeling. The thought of Mia being in the care of someone unfamiliar to her and the fact that she is my baby and the last one to enter the world of education, was always going to leave me feeling an overwhelming sense of emotions.


For the past 4 years, it’s been mum and I nurturing and caring for Mia. We’ve been the ones to teach her numbers, colours and shapes. We have been the ones to encourage her to be independent, give her cuddles and kisses when she is sick, reassure her when she is scared. We’ve read millions of books, sung a trillion of songs and been there to wipe her tears when she’s fallen or become overwhelmed by her fears. We have, WE have!!!

For me this isn’t the end of this road. I’m still lucky enough for Mia to go to preschool the two days I work and spend the rest of the week at home doing what we love to do best – hang out together!! But for my mum, this is the end of the road for her baby caring days. For 14 years mum has looked after each grandchild, one by one until they reach their preschool age…Mia is the last grandchild to do this! What a huge end of an era. My sisters and I were so blessed to have our mother by our side until we went to school…our children have also been blessed to have their nanny for the same time! I thank my mother from the bottom of my heart for being there for my children while I’ve worked. Mum has spent my part-time working days nurturing and educating my children just as I would. It’s been so comforting while my babies have been little to know they’ve had the next best thing to their mumma when I haven’t been there…nanny you are one in a million!!



And so Mia’s first week of preschool is over and done with already and she’s about to start her second week! She did a lot better than I thought she would do and am very proud of her. There were tears upon drop off and she was scared and apprehensive particularly on the first day, but on her second day she was an active participant in her class. She is currently experiencing separation anxiety like her big sister, but she is letting herself embrace the life of a preschooler a lot sooner than Sienna did.





Having already gone through separation anxiety with Sienna, I’m not as worried this time. I know from experience that Mia will settle. It just takes time. I know that she has an awesome teacher and staff at her centre that nurture her and make her feel safe which makes me feel better. I’m certainly riding the karma train as I did this to my mum lol! Turning 4 next month is a big step in a little person’s life! Since coming back from America, we’ve seen a huge shift in Mia’s confidence and independence and she has already been telling me that she is 4 now lol! But she’s still young and innocent. She still has meltdowns when she is extremely tired, is as stubborn as a mule and has her own Mia idiosyncrasies, but she’s socially engaging and developing like she should which makes me one happy mumma!


So with the new school year officially starting on Tuesday, the knot for everyone will be untied. Apart from me working 3 days last week, the kids have been by my side for 7 weeks. Bay is keen to go back to school but my little separation anxiety baby is already telling me she is going to miss me! I know how she feels, it was hard to leave them last week, especially after our amazing holiday!! But everyone is ready. All books are covered, bags are packed, uniforms have been tried on and ready to go. This year will be a year where we stand on our two feet and not rely on mum as much. This will be a new challenge for everyone. But we WILL make it work – provided we work together as a party of 5! It really is the year of untying of many knots….!!


Here’s to a fantastic school year!!!

The Start of a New Era…

9 years. That’s 468 weeks, 3287 days and 78 888 hours that have passed and in that time we have had a child sleeping in our cot. Friday night was the last time that our 14-year-old cot (originally it was my nephews) was to be slept in at our home.





It’s been a long time coming and was something that I planned on doing last year, but something always got in the way – it was probably mostly me not letting go of my baby making days. I’ve loved every minute of having my 3 babies. From pregnancy to birthing to brest feeding and beyond, I would do it all over again in a heart beat! When I said goodnight to Mia for the last time in her cot, my heart broke a little. I love my life that we lead now and where we are at, but a part of me will always want just one more….

When I was younger and watching my sister and people older than I having babies, I couldn’t wait for that part of my life to start!! I still remember the day Kane and I decided to start a family – absolute joy and excitement! I wasn’t scared or apprehensive at all. I just wanted to be a mum. Now 9 years, a miscarriage and 3 beautiful babies later, the door to having babies is officially closed (and padlocked as my husband would say lol) now that our cot has been dismantled and given away for good!

Our baby days have been full of sloppy kisses, gorgeous giggles and an endless amount of milestones. We’ve had many ups and downs with the kid’s health, but it teaches you so many things in life and for me becoming a mum has made me a better person. It’s taught me how to love unconditionally, it’s improved my patience (most of the time), it’s built me a stronger character to handle things that I wouldn’t in the past! It’s put pressure on our marriage at times, but together we always work past this and end up stronger!


I’ve been spending some time while on holidays, looking through photos from when the kids were all little and babies. My gosh they’ve grown. They’ve developed not only physically and mentally, but they have become independent and have opinions (that aren’t always needed to be heard lol), they are really starting to enter the next phase in life!




Yesterday morning was ‘D’ day!! Kane picked up the girls bunks that I ordered through the week after work on Friday, so there was no turning back. Plus the timing couldn’t be more prefect. Bailey needs his own space desperately and the girls are so happy to be sharing. And Mia, she has no remorse about saying goodbye to her cot lol! She has spent the last 4 weeks while we were away sleeping in a bed so she is so happy to be finally sleeping in her big girl bed!

I’m really happy so far with how their rooms are looking. I still have along way to go to having them finished and exactly right, but we’ll get there. This year is about decluttering my life of things that don’t serve a purpose to me or us anymore. But there are some things I’ll never be able to let go of – that’s what special boxes are for:)



I’m not going to let myself be sad that my baby days are over. Instead I’m going to embrace the phase of our life that we are at and always look back at my baby days as some of the best days of my life. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to experience pregnancy, natural birthing and brest feeding 3 times in my life time and will always be grateful for that.


Now to really put my big girl pants on tomorrow and be ready to send my baby girl to pre school for the very first time…..;(

“And just like that it was all over!”….

As I watched my husband drive off to work this morning, I said to myself “and just like that it was all over!”

5 weeks of the 5 of us. 5 weeks of adventure, fun and laughter. 5 weeks of my party of 5 together!! It’s been awesome. It’s been hard work at times, especially while in America dealing with tired and cranky children (transition days became my point of hatred) but we made it through and we still love each other lol!

This morning was officially the beginning of the new year for us. Back to only seeing Kane for short periods of time through the week. Back to the kids feeling desperate to see their daddy and spend quality time with him on the weekends as the end of the week approaches. Thankfully I still have another week and a bit before my work resumes and then life will really kick into overdrive again.

It was really sad to see Kane drive off this morning. No tears were shed, but my heart was sad knowing our holiday that we worked so hard for was over. Holidays like the one we’ve just had, only happen every now and again. We’d been planning it for so long and in the blink of an eye it seemed to be over. It kept us focused last year when things were rough at times. How can we top such a thing this year?? Thankfully I have a billion photos to look back on which make me smile every time I go through them.

I love having my husband home. It’s so nice seeing the kids enjoying quality time with their father that’s not rushed or routined. It’s so awesome having another set of adult hands to help with the kids and to prepare meals – Kane cooked most nights when it had to be done…I’ll struggle this week lol! It’s just so nice to be away from the routine of life, having fun together and I’ve been able to run whenever I like!!! But like they say, sadly all good things must come to an end…but the longer the going is good the harder it is to let go!!

I have lots to keep me distracted between now and when I go back to work. First and for most is to get the kids ready to go back to school and after today’s shopping trip I only need to make one more trip to the shops and I’ll be finished. Next Monday is Mia’s first day at preschool and although everything is done and ready to go, I’ll be spending the rest of this week and no doubt many weeks to come reassuring her that I will be back to pick her up!

My biggest project at the moment though, is changing rooms around. Bailey is finally going to have his room back to himself and the girls are going in together. Today I ordered the girl’s bunks and found where I put the bolts for Bailey’s double bed – they were in the bed derrrr lol!! The girls are having an ‘owl’ themed room and Bay is having a lego/footy themed room! This little, well really big project, is going to take me a few weeks to have it exactly right but I endeavour to at least have the beds up and slept on by the end of this weekend!

So it’s been 4 days since we’ve been home and we are slowly settling back into reality. I’ve crossed off a heap of jobs on my to do list, the kids are enjoying being back in their own environment with all their belongings and they love having Sonny home!

At the moment, nothing will top our 5 weeks together, but we still have so much to look forward to! Next month we will be spending time away with mum and dad at Palm beach while on their annual beach holiday. The kids sport resume next month with Bay backing up for his 4th season of footy and Sienna starting her first season of basketball. I’m off to Melbourne in March for our annual girls weekend – this time to see Dirty Dancing and we’ve booked our little slice of paradise at Burleigh for two weeks just after Christmas. I’m sure between now and then there will be some impromptu trips away for the weekend!

So here’s to another year of a crazy busy life with my party of 5…cheers everyone!!





2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,500 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Letting Go and Moving Forward!

Is it really 2015 – really??

What happened to 2014??

I don’t know about you, but 2014 had to be the fastest year of my life so far. Or is it that life is so ridiculously fast and busy now, each year is just going by way faster than the next!?!

I’m pretty pleased to see the back-end of 2014. It was a year that saw so many people around us suffer heart ache after heart ache. This all started 5 days into the new year when Kane’s best mate’s dad passed away suddenly of a heart attack. Was such a terribly sad start to the new year and from then on we attended 4 funerals in 6 months – all who were around the age of 60 years old – which is my parents age!! This is the time of life where they should be enjoying their grandchildren and the simple things in life…makes me so sad and appreciate even more my parents!

2014 was a real roller coaster year – so many ups and downs. It literally felt like we were riding one…we’d plod along and enjoy the highs and as soon as we relaxed into that mode, we came down with a thud! This had a lot to do with the kids health. Mia started with ear infections in February which saw her needing her second set of grommets in May. Unfortunately one grommet has already come out and she currently has an ear infection!!!

Our boy Bailey had a really rough year. He started it off well and had an amazing football season, but by the end of the football season and after weeks of very irritable and unsettled behaviour, we discovered that his ears were full of fluid and he had hearing loss in both ears, which ended in him needing his fourth set of grommets. He was also prescribed glasses as he is long sighted and has an astigmatism and he is now seeing a child psychologist after being diagnosed with high anxiety. This is also accompanied with vocal and motor tics. It’s been such an emotional time watching our son go through this. I’m looking forward to getting some regular therapy sessions under Bay’s belt so we can start to see some progress.

2014 also saw many family members battle health issues. Early in the year, my dad was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. It was such a shock to us all but we are so grateful to know this information now and take the necessary precautions to prevent dad having a heart attack. You just never know. The heart is the organ that keeps us alive yet it can go at any time. My heart results altered slightly in this past year as well. It’s the first time this has happened since being diagnosed with a dilated aorta. It was a reality check for me yet again, but like dad’s heart I appreciate every day that I have a chance to stay on top of my defect!


To end the year of ups and downs on the health front, my grandad fell and broke his hip. This saw him operated on and hospitalised for 6 weeks. He is currently back home and with the help from my always amazing mother and as many of us who are able to help, grandad is settling in back home nicely! He is getting stronger every day and it’s wonderful to see! Gramps has been through a lot especially with nana passing away 18 months ago, but family is what keeps him going!


2014 for us was a year of mishaps! At times I felt like a skittle being knocked over by a bowling ball. We’d get one thing sorted and then something would happen. While saving for our trip to the U.S and kids needing grommets, we had our car break down twice, our hot water system played havoc on us for months before we finally hit the jackpot – if I had to endure one more cold shower I was going to SCREAM!!! This year has really highlighted the age of our home and now that we don’t have an overseas trip to save for we need to show some TLC towards it!

But what is life without drama?? It wouldn’t be life!!

All this said so many wonderful things happened in 2014….

*We celebrated each birthday and special occasion in style with me baking and creating many different master pieces!









*We created so many wonderful memories and as I scroll through my 3000 plus photos on my phone, we were so busy making those memories. From beach trips to playground adventures and many swimming occasions, our children are very lucky!!







*We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary with an amazing weekend away at Palm Beach – something I’ll never forget!




*We couldn’t be more proud of how the kids have gone at school, both academically and socially, the kids have done an amazing job all round!





*We’ve watched Mia go from a toddler to a little girl who is very intelligent – she’s like a little old lady who has been here before and it’s been a pleasure to be able to spend another year at home with her 5 out of 7 days a week. I can’t believe this is her last year before she starts prep!!!



*I’ve maintained my health and fitness to a level I never thought was possible – running my longest run to date of 16k was such a fist pump moment and am so looking forward to a new year of running goals and challenges!


*But our two biggest highlights of the year have been featuring in That’s Life Magazine and our 3 week trip to America!! What a thrill both experiences have given us. It’s really enabled us to have the confidence to take on many other challenges and adventures in the future!







But like each year, non of this would be possible without our hard work as parents, the hard yards Kane puts in at work for us, the help, love and support of my parents and from family around and from the support and friendships that we are blessed to have.

Now the new year has begun, there are so many things I’m glad to see the back-end of, but there are many amazing things I don’t want to let go of! But with each new year brings a fresh start to create a new bunch of memories and for us we are off to a great start, by starting the new year with a week at our favourite annual holiday paradise – Burleigh! We have one more week left before Kane goes back to work and two weeks left before Mia starts preschool! Then after that school and sport will resume and in a blink of an eye we will be putting up the Christmas tree again lol!


I have no expectations on this year. My expectations on life now do not change from one year to the next, I simple live each day and moment as it comes and enjoy the highs and hold on for the lows! My life and my loves are my main priority and as long as they are happy and healthy, then that makes me the happiest person on earth!

Happy new everyone…make every day count!!!


USA – Our Final Week…

It’s done. It’s finished. Our holiday to the U.S has officially come to an end. All the months of saving and planning, all the time I spent organising stuff, buying gear, making lists, packing to a fine art so our luggage wasn’t over weight has all been done, experienced and lived, but what an amazing time we had with memories created that will last forever!!! As I lie here on my bed trying to keep my super heavy jet lagged eyes open, I have the fondest of memories this last week. It’s been a huge week. We’ve been to the bay of San Francisco to the snowy mountains of Tahoe back to the beaches of LA – amazing is an understatement!!!!

When we arrived at San Francisco I was super excited as I’d never been before and always wanted to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge. We got there mid afternoon the Saturday before Christmas and what I didn’t expect was herds of people and traffic so bad it felt worse than New York. It was busy, shoulder to shoulder people lining the streets, horns beeping – I don’t know why but it wasn’t what I’d expected. The drive on the way to where we were staying was an interesting one. We saw people dealing on the corners when we pulled up at a set of lights, streets seemed dirty and I just wasn’t feeling it. It was my choice to come to visit San Francisco and I was beginning to think I made the wrong choice.

Our motel was nice but the smallest one we’d stayed in yet. It was older and darker than the places we’d stayed at before and I just didn’t get a good vibe. The volume of homeless people were somewhat larger than what we’d seen yet and they were vocal, more vocal and in your face than what we’d ever seen. So far this had been my least favourite place. But the next day my sister and I decided to do a bus tour of the city. The girls had woken up sick and the boys wanted a break from sightseeing so we took the opportunity to see the real San Francisco and why it’s on the map of places to see.

Our tour was awesome we saw all the hot spots – Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, zig zag street, steepest hill, China Town, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge…what a site!! It was such a memorable moment driving over it and seeing it for the very first time! San Francisco was awesome to see, has lots to do, plenty to eat – particularly a little diner we found Lori’s Diner. It won our hearts over and would have been the best place we ate at over the 3 weeks we were in the States!

But I was happy to move on and would be content to only see it once. After our two nights were up in San Francisco, the kids we so happy as we were finally road tripping to the snow!! Mia had been bursting to see snow since we left Disneyland so you can imagine how pumped she was. The drive was amazing. 4 hours of beautiful scenery where we looked at snow-capped peaks for half the drive before we actually got to them – it was awesome!! Bailey saw the first sighting of snow on the mountain tops and as we followed our trail the green slowly turned to brown then to white and oh my how surreal!!!

As we drove closer to our destination of Lake Tahoe the snow became more prominent and thicker on the mountain sides and ground. But then all of a sudden it disappeared the closet we got to Tahoe. We were a bit underwhelmed as 5 years ago when we were in Tahoe, we drove through a blizzard to get there!!! When we checked in, the hotel receptionist said they hadn’t had a good snowfall in ages just rain!!! What??? Where is our white Christmas?!!!

The disappointment of this was quickly patched over with our rooms. They were beautiful. There was a bedroom and a kitchen and two bathrooms and space – dear lord space!!!! We felt at home:) The first thing we did was grocery shop lol – it was awesome lol! It was so nice to cook and clean and not eat out!!!! When we got up the next morning, I loved getting the kids their cereal and washing the dishes like I would at home – strange but true:) The kids were so disappointed not to have snow to play in, so we drove 15 minutes up the road where the snow was just so they could touch it! It was so worth the priceless looks on their faces! We had a ball that afternoon…little did we know what we were in for over the next two days!!!

As we followed all the news reports they kept consistently saying that a snow fall was coming in Christmas eve. We didn’t get too excited. It’s like that comment of ‘possible rain’ yeah right what rain!! Christmas eve we decided to take a gondola ride up to Heavenly mountain. When we arrived to buy our tickets, the gondolas were closed due to the windy conditions and the predicted snow storm. So we were advised to check out Adventure Mountain which is a place 20 minutes out-of-town. I’m so glad we weren’t scared off by the weather as it was the best day in the three weeks we were away. We all went sledding and tubbing for the morning and half way through our time on the mountain it started snowing – what a moment!!!!

We were so hoping by the time we returned to Lake Tahoe it would be snowing there to! It wasn’t it was raining…but not long after lunch it turned to snow and snow it did!! It continued to snow on and off for the next 24 hours – we got our white Christmas, was the best gift we could ever receive. Waking up to a town covered in snow on Christmas morning and seeing the kids faces when they saw Santa had found them and left a note in the snow for them – absolute priceless!!!!!!

We spent Christmas Day up on Heavenly mountain after finally getting our gondola ride – yet again another blissful moment. The views were exquisite, completely breathtaking – a moment I will never ever forget! But it was officially the coldest we have ever felt! I couldn’t feel my feet or hands even though they were covered, but so worth seeing such a beautiful site – all while it snowed:)

Our time at Lake Tahoe would have to go down as the most memorable moment in any holiday that we have ever had. Everyone was happy and enjoying themselves and we saw things that everyone in the their life time should see – I even ran for the first time in the snow…now that was a priceless moment!!! It was sad to let go and move on from here, especially knowing that our trip was coming to an end. But what a finale!!! Our last two days spent at Santa Monica beach was also awesome!! What a great place to holiday. There is so much going on down at ‘muscle beach’ with all the swings and rings and different walks of life, we literally spent two days at the beach playing and watching everything that was going on around us!

We spent our last night at the famous Santa Monica Pier where the kids rode ride after ride – but it was freezing!!!!!!! The days were beautiful in the sun, but once the sun went down and the wind came off that water, it became an uncomfortable coldness – but we survived!! My last run for the journey was spent running from the Santa Monica Pier to the Venice beach Pier and back. 10k of water front views and front row seats to a lot of homeless people and someone being arrested. This was all happening while hundreds of people kept living – running, walking, bike riding…it was so bizarre! It really made me appreciate even more what my life holds and how lucky I am!

And so our trip had to end:( not before one last dash to the shops – 8 items purchased at GAP for $100 – crazy!! and dinner out. We caught our last shuttle bus to LAX and thankfully by me asking to fly straight to Brisbane (originally we had to fly to Sydney then get a connecting flight) we were booked on the Brisbane flight which we boarded at 11pm and were off on our way home! Two 13 hour flights in 3 weeks, four internal flights and two road trips and I must say the kids really did so well!!

Would we do it again? Hell yes!!
Would we do it differently? Always!!

5 years ago we went with two babies who were pushed around in prams the whole time – we saw lots but didn’t do a lot. This time only one child in a pram, three kids is completely different to two, kids who argue (normal sibling rivalry) and by the end didn’t want to walk another step, but we did way more this time! It was a massive effort taking three kids around America. There were many ups and downs but that’s life with kids anyway isn’t it?? It was great having family this time to experience it with – we really loved having my sister, brother-in-law and nephews and the kids loved having their cousins to hang out with! What an experience though. We covered so much in the three weeks we were there. Geographically the kids were interested in everything and Bailey in particular loved the history behind things. The kids really learnt a new appreciation for how lucky they are – seeing so any homeless people showed them the real values in life. It was quite sweet in the end they wanted to give a dollar or left over food to each one they saw. I know they will have the fondest memories and many stories to share with their friends when they return to school!

But for now as this year comes to a close, we will focus on the good things that have happened this year and our trip being one of the biggest highlights!

Happy new year to all my family and friends who have followed our journey this year…here’s to an awesome 2015 that brings us all lots of peace, happiness, good health, love and joy’!

First stop for 2015 for us…a week at our favourite beach – Burleigh!!!!

Highlights of our last week….

San Francisco…











Lake Tahoe…

































Santa Monica…















USA – Week 2…Vegas to New York!

I’m writing this blog on our 6 hour flight to San Francisco! It’s been another early start to the day in order to fly from one side of America to the other to see out our final week. We are tired and starting to miss some of the comforts of home, but the kids are super excited because it’s only a matter of days now and we will be playing in the snow…that’s all Mia has been asking for since we left Disneyland!!! We started this week with a road trip to Las Vegas! I always find this trip an easy and fun one to do – especially once we are out of the city of LA and its billion of freeways that intertwine with one another. Now I can easily say this as I’m never the driver and am so grateful that my husband always braves it for us! It means one less flight and we get to see some of the outback of America! Once you hit highway 15, it’s all the way to Vegas baby!!! On the way to Vegas, in the middle of no where are little townships that exist with nothing but dry barren land around them. We stopped at one town for lunch that had a huge outlet centre and a variety of restaurants to eat at. Lunch was lovely and so was my purchases at the Guess outlet store…this was not planned but such a great find lol! I was supposed to be waiting to shop in Vegas itself!! Due to our little expedition, we arrived at Vegas in dark, but oh what a sight. You literally drive for miles and then in the middle of the desert is big bright lights and a city that never sleeps! It’s a great place to visit and so many things to do other than drinking and gambling, but we never stay long enough to check everything out! But we always stay long enough to shop like there’s no tomorrow, ride that massive roller coaster and see the big and bold sites downs the Vegas strip! It was short and sweet but we had fun!






20141222-123327.jpg Our next stop for the duration of the week would be New York, one of my favourite places in the world but of course not without drama!!! Our flight for New York was at 7am which meant we had to be up extremely early to be at the airport. We were up and out and at the airport on time. We checked in and got to security where everything went from bad to worse…. When we went to check in, we were going to be charged $25 per bag we were checking on…$160 later!!!! This was a surprise to us as we never paid any of these fees on our last trip and thought this was included in what we had originally paid (will be following this up with our travel agent on our return)! We were advised that we could take some of our check on bags on a carry on to save some of the cost, so we did…but I forgot my toiletry bag was in one of them! Of course I went through security and too many liquids later, they were going to make me throw out half my toiletries and the kids water bottles. I was going to until the lady said I could check my bag in. I asked if I had time and she said yes! What seemed like was going to be an easy task turned into a nightmare! I tried and was knocked back as there was no time!!! Which then I had to throw out my stuff anyway to get back through security!!! I finally made it through security to find myself waiting for a monorail to take me to the section I had to go to…why do people not tell you these things when you are checking in!!!!!!! I kept telling myself you’ll be right you won’t miss this flight, how could you miss this flight! As soon as the monorail stopped I ran with three bags in toe as fast as I could to our gate number which was deserted. There was no one around other than a lady who I asked so desperately “please tell me I can get on that plane!!” Rudely she shook her head and said “no!” It was 6.55am the plane wasn’t due to leave until 7am and it continued to sit there for the next 15 minutes until it took off. As much as I was pleading with the staff that I had checked in ages ago and was told I had time to check one of my bags in and that I was travelling with my family – no one cared! All I was told is that the doors are shut and you can catch the next flight out to New York at 11.45….5 hours later!!!! I was numb. I was upset, angry, mad. Mad at myself as I felt like I brought this on myself. When I watched my family fly away without me, my babies gone, it felt like I was never going to see anyone again. My heart was ripped right out of my chest for a moment. I sat and didn’t speak to a soul until I pulled myself together and kept telling myself it will be ok. I just had to get through this next 10 hours and I would be back enjoying our holiday!! That I did and after being separated from my family for 10 hours, we were reunited and so so happy again!! All was good in my world. We were in New York and about to embark on the awesome adventures this city has to offer and that we did! In the five night stay that we had there, we fitted in almost everything we wanted to. We watched the New York Knicks play the Dallas Mavericks in a NBA match. This has always been Kane’s dream and it was great to see him with his family for full this. We visited ground zero and saw for the first time the memorial garden that has been created in remembrance of the terrible tragedy that took so many innocent lives. This is always an emotional experience – I can’t even imagine what the city went through on that day. We saw all the favourite hotspots…Time Square, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, State Library, Macey’s, 5th Avenue and all the exquisite window displays and I couldn’t leave without a little purchase from Tiffany and Co:) My sister and I did the Sex and the City tour…this was fantastic!!! We got to see so many of the major spots that were used to film the show and we got a photo outside Carrie’s apartment building! My favourite show was being lived out – LovEd it!!! But our highlight for the week, which we always love, is our time at Central Park. We love it there. Kilometres of open space with playgrounds, walkways, park benches and hundreds of squirrels running around. Last time we were in New York it was covered in snow, so it was really nice to see the green grass and fallen brown leaves that covered so much of the park. It’s just such a pretty site and I was fortunate enough to run 10k through the park – was the most blissful run I’ve ever run! It was such a special moment ice skating in Central Park with our three babies. Last time Bailey put one toe on the ice and didn’t attempt anymore, Sienna was a baby and Mia wasn’t even thought of. This time both Bailey and Sienna didn’t give up until they mastered it and Mia loved it!! With the help of Kane and I she went round and round several times! It’s one moment in time I will cherish forever!!!!
















20141222-123920.jpg I love New York!!! It’s a place I wouldn’t put my children through again though. It’s very very busy, I mean so busy that unless you experience it you just don’t understand busy when I say it’s busy! And it’s freezing!!! When we got up to leave this morning it was -2 degrees. The first couple of days we were there it was quite bearable, particularly the first day when it was 8 degrees. But by the time we left Central Park yesterday afternoon it was 1 degree and we ended up catching a cab back to our hotel as Mia was turning blue!!! But Kane and I will return one day when the kids are older and can fend for themselves! One week to go…the time is going steady and so much has been done, with still so much ahead of us! Fingers crossed we wake on Christmas morning to snow falling – that would be the icing on the cake for this trip! Merry Christmas to all my readers…I hope it brings you lots of love, joy and laughter xoxoxo!


USA – Week 1…LA!

I’m writing this as my two baby girls are latched to me asleep while we are a road tripping to Las Vegas!!!

This past week has been amazing!!! 7 nights in Anaheim, LA, staying at the Howard Johnson which is across the road from Disneyland!! We love California and when we visited America last time, California was great but this time I really fell in love. The weather, the theme parks, the beaches…it’s all sounding a little bit like home, which is probably why I love it so much!!


This week we have spent 3 massive days at Disneyland, a day at Universal Studios, a couple of days shopping oh and it wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t end up at the medical centre!!!! Yes that’s right!!! Our baby girl learnt the hard way that no more monkeys really shouldn’t jump on the bed – 4 staples in her head later and she was good to go again!!!! I managed to sneak in a few runs and Kane finally got to see an Ice Hockey match!






Disneyland…what a truly magical, spectacular, amazing place! It really is the happiest place in the world! Between the endless amount of rides, entertainment and characters walking around, there is never enough time to do everything. We did far more than last time as the kids are much older, but it still didn’t seem enough. But the most important things were done especially getting the kids favourite character signatures and photos…this is always my favourite thing to do to!








It’s become a tradition now that on the last day we wear our Disneyland gear and get a photo with the one and only Mickey Mouse!!!

This was our first photo 5 years ago!

It was really nice having my sister, brother-in-law and nephews there to experience it with us this time. They loved having their cousins to go on rides with and it also meant we were able to enjoy some rides too! One of the most memorable moments is always watching the castle light up. The Disneyland castle would have to be one of my most favourite things in the world and at night when it’s shining with millions of fairy lights…just exquisite!


Universal Studios is always a great day out!! The detail of each ride that has been put in to make them so spectacular is amazing and wherever you turn there is always a character to get your photo with. Our favourite for the day was Scooby-Do he was so funny! The Back Lot Tour was yet again unbelievable. I find movie and show making so interesting…I always wished I was a Hollywood star…clearly that will never happen lol! Another massive 12 hour day was enjoyed by all, particularly as it involved a tour of LA and we got to see the Hollywood sign…although low lying clouds meant the photos weren’t very clear!





We don’t usually shop much in LA, but this time we bought almost a suitcase worth of stuff lol! We came across a TJ Max, Walmart and Shoe City not far from where we were staying…many, many bargains later and everyone was pleased! Oh and you can never ever go to Disneyland without buying a shirt or two or ok we bought many things this time but we LOVE Disneyland!!!!!!




We only touched the surface of LA this week. You could easily spend a good couple of weeks there, as there is so much to do, so many places to visit and things to see. We are fortunate enough this time to spend our last couple of nights in Santa Monica in a couple of weeks time…I’m really looking forward to that!


Finally The Time Has Come…

The day has arrived…..

Finally after months of planning, saving, organising, buying and packing our holiday to the States is awaiting us!!

It only seems like yesterday that we went for the first time…that was 5 years ago!!! So much has happened in that time – another baby has been born for goodness sake!!! This time we will be traveling as a family of 5 and with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. It still seems so surreal!!

This past month has been one of the craziest months of my life. Between the end of year demands at work, finishing off everything for our holiday and celebrating the spirit of Christmas, what I would normally do at this time of year in 6 weeks, has been crammed into 2!!! I’m feeling a little fragile but I know this next month of holidaying in the US and our week at Burleigh when we return will be so worth it!

When I finished work on Tuesday the realisation of being on 7 weeks holidays was bliss. I woke on Wednesday morning and I had a three-day plan to enable me to be completely ready for our trip…that was short-lived as Bailey woke up with a leaking ear and Mia had told me the day before her ear was sore! A trip to the doctors and $82 spent at the chemist was not in my plan, neither was all the little mishaps that happened along the way this week!! But I will not be defeated. I’m happy to say that no tantrums were chucked or no tears were shed…and we WILL have a great time lol!

While I’ve been packing for our trip and celebrating Christmas with loved ones of late, it makes my heart ache for the people who will face this Christmas for the first time without their loved ones. That was us this time last year – even though we will continue to uphold our family Christmas traditions, there will always be a void on Christmas Day without nana!

Although the festive season should be a happy time, I always struggle emotionally at this time of year. This has been a challenging year for us with the kid’s health and has seen many of our family and friends experience heart ache, but it signals the end. The end of memories made, the end of another school year – the kid’s teachers have yet again been amazing and the thought of saying goodbye makes me sad. It means we are all another year older, but hopefully wiser. It means Mia starts preschool so soon – now where did that time go! I’ve never liked changed and always resist it to begin with but I will endeavour to enjoy what’s left of 2014!!!

I think I have everything sorted:
Passports – check
Travel documents – check
Money converted – check
Snow clothes – check
Beanies, scarves and gloves – check
Jackets – check
Clothes and shoes for 3 different climates – check
Toiletries – check
Medication in case ears go pear shape – check
Entertainment for the plane – check
Chargers – check
Camera – check

Our itinerary for the next 23 days is as follows:
*7 days in LA – Disneyland, Universal studios, San Diego
*Drive to Vegas for 2 nights – shopping!!!
*5 nights in New York – my favourite place!!
*2 nights in San Francisco – I haven’t been there before and am so looking forward to it!!
*Drive to Lake Tahoe – Christmas in the snow!
*Our last 2 nights are spent at Santa Monica – tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills!!

As I board the plane I’m feeling happy, excited, nervous, cautious, but so very grateful that we are able to provide such an experience for our children. Yesterday when I felt like I was never going to be ready I had a sudden feeling of – why are we doing this?? But now that the stars finally aligned and we are ready, we are going to enjoy every moment of what this trip will bring to us!

As Americans would say…Happy Holiday everyone!!!