USA – Week 1…LA!

I’m writing this as my two baby girls are latched to me asleep while we are a road tripping to Las Vegas!!!

This past week has been amazing!!! 7 nights in Anaheim, LA, staying at the Howard Johnson which is across the road from Disneyland!! We love California and when we visited America last time, California was great but this time I really fell in love. The weather, the theme parks, the beaches…it’s all sounding a little bit like home, which is probably why I love it so much!!


This week we have spent 3 massive days at Disneyland, a day at Universal Studios, a couple of days shopping oh and it wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t end up at the medical centre!!!! Yes that’s right!!! Our baby girl learnt the hard way that no more monkeys really shouldn’t jump on the bed – 4 staples in her head later and she was good to go again!!!! I managed to sneak in a few runs and Kane finally got to see an Ice Hockey match!






Disneyland…what a truly magical, spectacular, amazing place! It really is the happiest place in the world! Between the endless amount of rides, entertainment and characters walking around, there is never enough time to do everything. We did far more than last time as the kids are much older, but it still didn’t seem enough. But the most important things were done especially getting the kids favourite character signatures and photos…this is always my favourite thing to do to!








It’s become a tradition now that on the last day we wear our Disneyland gear and get a photo with the one and only Mickey Mouse!!!

This was our first photo 5 years ago!

It was really nice having my sister, brother-in-law and nephews there to experience it with us this time. They loved having their cousins to go on rides with and it also meant we were able to enjoy some rides too! One of the most memorable moments is always watching the castle light up. The Disneyland castle would have to be one of my most favourite things in the world and at night when it’s shining with millions of fairy lights…just exquisite!


Universal Studios is always a great day out!! The detail of each ride that has been put in to make them so spectacular is amazing and wherever you turn there is always a character to get your photo with. Our favourite for the day was Scooby-Do he was so funny! The Back Lot Tour was yet again unbelievable. I find movie and show making so interesting…I always wished I was a Hollywood star…clearly that will never happen lol! Another massive 12 hour day was enjoyed by all, particularly as it involved a tour of LA and we got to see the Hollywood sign…although low lying clouds meant the photos weren’t very clear!





We don’t usually shop much in LA, but this time we bought almost a suitcase worth of stuff lol! We came across a TJ Max, Walmart and Shoe City not far from where we were staying…many, many bargains later and everyone was pleased! Oh and you can never ever go to Disneyland without buying a shirt or two or ok we bought many things this time but we LOVE Disneyland!!!!!!




We only touched the surface of LA this week. You could easily spend a good couple of weeks there, as there is so much to do, so many places to visit and things to see. We are fortunate enough this time to spend our last couple of nights in Santa Monica in a couple of weeks time…I’m really looking forward to that!


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