Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

There was plenty of sunlight, an amazing photographer behind a camera and lots of action…particularly from Bailey’s bottom!!! Our photo shoot for That’s Life magazine was a huge success!!!

When I accepted the offer of being apart of That’s Life magazine’s ‘Realvolution’ campaign, I never imagined it would involve having a 2 hour professional photo shoot and from that having the most precious moments captured forever as a memory. Since becoming parents, we have had many family portraits done. We usually get them done every few years now and only had them done a year ago. I’m stoked we’ve had the opportunity to get them done again and am so happy with how they have turned out!

During the two hours, I had 5 wardrobe changes, several different combinations of family shots were taken, a dozen different poses from myself were shot and even our beloved dog Sonny got was involved:) It was a nice relaxed afternoon in the comforts of our own home with a photographer who was so friendly, calm and patient!

Working with kids can be so difficult, but thanks to my son who let the most almighty, loudest piece of wind pass that I have ever heard in my life – to the point that it made the ground shutter and the photographer go bright red and LOL, we got some great shots with everyone’s happiness beaming and shining through the photos!

These are some of the photos taken…




















I love family photos…they always make me feel so proud of what Kane and I have achieved! For us to get to That’s Life magazine it required me working hour after hour writing blog after blog, until that one day someone found one of my pieces. But the reality is as a team My Party of 5 work together for anything to happen, this whole magazine experience has been an awesome way to celebrate us!


Laughter…good for the soul!


Our world we live in is so serious. It’s so busy and repetitive. Respect is something that fades more and more each year and words such a bullying, cyber trolls, depression, anxiety and the like are frequently thrown round like a rag doll. How did we get to this point?

In my opinion, good old-fashioned laughter isn’t used enough anymore. Life is so busy now (which is hard to avoid) but due to all the hustle and bustle we all live each day, people forget to stop breathe, smile and LOL! Shop assistants aren’t as friendly or helpful as they use to be and when I go for a run in the morning I always lift my head to say good morning to people just to be faced with them eyeballing the ground. If you ask my mother, she would say – “but you’re to the other extreme love….you’d talk to anyone and laugh at anything!

All I know is for me, laughter is a good dose of medicine. It’s great for the soul. It can turn a mood right around. It can turn a bad day into a good one. It can get your mind in gear to tackle the harder obstacles in life. I still remember the week we painfully sat with my precious nana, while she was slowly drifting away, we still had moments of laughter in the room. It wasn’t disrespecting the moment at all. We knew that nana could hear us and she would have wanted that as nana loved to laugh. She battled Parkinson’s for many years before she passed away and I think her ability to laugh right to the end contributed to her long jevity.

I’m so lucky that I am surrounded by many people who I can have a good laugh with. My husband and I after 17 years still laugh together every day. When we have get togethers with my family, there is always fun and laughter echoing through the house. I particularly laugh with my mum and sisters and I have many friends who I share laughter with as well. I love that my kids make me laugh every day. They all have such funny little characters and a child’s laughter is like music to my ears.

I find myself laughing wherever I go….I laugh at work, in the school yard, at the grocery store, at the television, at things on Facebook and Instagram, with my specialists and doctors – most importantly I can laugh at myself! My life is far from perfect and I face some hard days, this is when I draw on laughter the most and watch an episode of Friends or look at photos that make me laugh. I always say if I didn’t laugh I’d cry!

Today’s catch up with my two oldest dear school friends was a classic example of how laughter is good for the soul. A common denominator of our friendship is laughter. We use to laugh so loud and hard at school people would think we were nutters. I still vividly remember a trip we took to Sydney we spent the week laughing so much our stomach muscles were sore. But whenever I walk away from my gals, I always feel happy and uplifted. We don’t get to catch up as often as we’d like, but when we do we have a lot of laughing to catch up on and that we do!

I’ve been through and watched a lot of people in my life go through heartache. Life is too short not to laugh. Life is too precious not to enjoy it. If people would relax just a little, not be so serious and laugh more often, maybe just maybe our world wouldn’t be filled with so much crime and hatred, instead more love and happiness!

Really – laugh….it’s good for the soul!


Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has surely sprung and this year it sprung quite early!!! I just LOVE this time of year. Spring is my favourite season of all time (apart from summer of course). The beautiful clear skies, longer days, sunshine and flowers that bring lots and lots of colour! It’s the time of the year where we can pack away our jackets and scarves and start to show the world our skin again. It’s the time of year where we come out of hibernation and get ready for the festive season!!

Well I’m almost ready to think about Christmas! It’s VERY early for me to say that, but because we have been spoilt with spring spilling over into winter, I started on my ‘spring to do list’ early! (Apart of me wants to see the back end of this horrid year too). Since the beginning of August I’ve been cleaning, sorting and redecorating each section of my house. Where I would normally be only just starting my ‘spring cleaning’, I have almost finished! It’s funny how once the temperature rises, after have a few months of the cold, our bodies go into cleaning overdrive – well mine does anyway lol!

So far I’ve…
*Cleaned the windows and normally would clean the blinds but this year we installed new ones on all the windows.
*Cleaned the oven
*Cleaned the fridge and freezer
*Cleaned the microwave
*Scrubbed my kitchen cupboards, particularly the kick boards.
*Tidied up areas of the house (inside and outside) that were accumulating piles of nothing so that everything now has a place!

All I have left now is…
*Clean the walls
*Sort the kids clothes ready for the new season.
*And my husband needs to gurney out the front and back of the house!


My nice organised clean fridge and freezer and sparking clean oven!!
It’s a great feeling when your house has had a once over!!!

I love spring fashion! The weather allows us to wear a mix of our winter and summer wardrobe and it’s the time of year where you can wear all your brights and bring out your flowers to accessorise. My favourite two colours at the moment are yellow and coral…I can’t get enough of them. Whether it be clothes or accessories they are the first two colours I go for! These two colours certainly brighten up my day!



Aside from my spring cleaning frenzy and my love of spring fashion, spring allows us to spend our days outside soaking up the beautiful weather together, while creating more wonderful memories. And what better way to have the kids home for the school holidays!! We have so many fun things planned that include play dates at playgrounds, the local pool and the beach!

Taken on our first trip down at Wynnum this season…so many outings to look forward to!!

I’m hoping now we’ve venture into a new season things will start to feel happier for our family. We sure had a terrible winter with my beautiful nana passing away on June 1st. Now the flowers are blooming and there are more butterflies than ever, we can find some comfort in knowing Nana will be around everywhere!

Fluro and floral…yep it’s spring time!!!

Keep an eye out later in the week for my post on ‘A Freshen Up’…a look inside my home at my new decorating pieces!

Spring Holiday Highlights!

My goodness this year has flown, a week has already passed since the school holidays and before we know it we will be time to farewell another school year!

The September school holidays are usually my favourite for the year. The weather is normally pleasant which leaves plenty of opportunity to do a variety of activities. These holidays proved to be a little more challenging as I spent most of the time on my own as my husband either worked really long hours or was away! But we managed to do lots of fun things and create beautiful memories that we’ll cherish forever!

This is what we got up to:

A play at Chipmunks




A trip to town on the train


Goma & Museum



















Bike riding to the park




Playing it cool











Swimming lessons















Swim at Nanny and Poppy’s




As you can see we had lots of fun! This mumma was sure buggered by the end of it, but considering we were so busy, I was the most rested I’d felt in a log time and when I returned back to work this week I was actually ready to go back….now that is definitely a first lol!