The Sea is Calm….


Does anyone else look back (now there children are in school) and think how life was like a constant surge of rough seas??

I do! When the kids were all at home and going from baby to toddler, toddler to a little girl or boy, then the next child would come along and go through the same growth and the next, some days felt like I was swimming in rough seas trying to keep my head above water! It was always one thing after another…teething, allergies, ear infections, common cold, gastro, terrible 2s, feral 3s, mouthy 4s, tantrums blah, blah, blah!!! Some days were so overwhelming, I look back now and wonder how I got through it…but I did!

Then before you know it you have two out of three in school and those rough seas feel like they are starting to calm! Don’t get me wrong, there are still moments of a cyclone, but then there is calm!

Calm moments are times where I like to sit back and take it all in and realise we just may have made it…for now that is lol!

All three of our kids have had a huge growth and development spurt over the last month! So many moments have happened lately where I find myself thinking…finally they are settling, finally they are getting it! It makes you feel like the consistency that has been upheld is worth every word that was spoken and repeated and repeated! The times when I felt like walking away and ignoring something was so worth the follow through that HAS to happen!

I believe as parents there are two things we HAVE to uphold and that is consistency and good role modeling! When a child is born they aren’t programmed into knowing that we don’t throw food or jump on the lounge, say no when asked to do something, use manners, pick up after themselves, speak kindly or that throwing themselves on the floor while screaming isn’t going to them what they want! It’s our role, our responsibility as their parent to model acceptable human behaviour with the up most consistency that is needed!

Working with prep age students has made me realised that a lot of the ‘good old fashioned’ parenting and values are sadly not being utilised like they always were! It seems to be now that as teachers, we have to teach so much of the SIMPLE things at school that I believe should have been taught over the 4-5 years before they start school! Imagine how much more curriculum would be taught if the majority of children came to school with the essential basic skills!! I think for some parents it all just becomes too hard…why hello, who ever said parenting was going to be easy?? It is hard. It has to be worked at everyday. It requires us as the parent to be stronger than the child and most importantly it requires us to show some tough love even if it breaks our heart to say NO, you have to keep thinking they’ll be better off in the log run!

Which leads me to my three children and how extremely proud of them we are! When Bailey came home this week with his student of the week certificate, for ‘always showing a fantastic attitude towards all aspects of his school work’, brought a tear to my eye! Not only as a teacher did this thrill me, but as his mum and knowing I played a big role in this makes me feel like the HARD work I’ve put into my boy (who has been extremely difficult) is paying off! Seeing my prep daughter becoming confident with learning to read and write makes my heart melt…again I had something to do with that! Hearing my 2 year old say ‘thank you’ mummy when I give her something and watching her function in our house like a mini adult – knowing that the back door needs to be closed before we go out and the tv needs to be turned off, without being told to, puts the hugest smile on my face!




I may have more grey hairs than ever, but who cares that’s what a good hairdresser is for lol, but the consistency that is driven, the follow through that happens, has all been worth it! I’m certainly not saying that I’m parent of the year or the perfect parent, but I do think that the fact that my sea is starting to display some calmness is from the parenting principles of consistency, follow through and good role modeling is starting to have some affect!

For us, having three kids constantly sick from chronic middle ear infections, our eldest who displays a lot of spectrum behaviour, our middle child who is allergic to diary and our baby who had silent reflux which wasn’t diagnosed until 8 months as well as glue ear, proves that we haven’t had the easiest of roads, hence why my sea has felt so rough for so long! But never once did I use any of this an excuse for my children’s behaviour. I always parent in the moment for the future…as this is what parenting is all about isn’t it, setting our children up for the brightest of futures!

We are their parents.
We are responsible for their upbringing.
We are their role model.
We are their manners.
We are their behaviour.
We are their advocate.
We are in control.
We have an extremely important job that just needs to be done!


Fist Pump Moment!

pExactly one year ago I started a running diary which consisted of distances and times that I ran. It has allowed me to keep track of my improvement over time. When I started running I did it for two reasons, to help me lose my last lot of baby weight and to help me build my fitness to a point that it use to be. These two factors that I have been able to not only achieve but maintain for almost a year now, also gives my heart condition the best chance of not getting any worse!

On January 2nd 2012 I measured my first run of 4km and set a goal for myself to run it within half an hour. That day I achieved my goal and ran it in 28.53mins. From then on I chipped away at that time. Bit by bit, step by step, I improved. 4km was a safe distance for me. I knew I was capable of always finishing and never stopping until that 4th kilometer was complete. Anything longer than that freaked me out so I didn’t push myself any further.

As the months went by, before I knew it I was running 4km in 25 mins! The challenge against myself was becoming addictive! I became more confident with each run and now I am able to run any distance up to 10km! Growing up I always played competitive netball, so that competitive instinct comes roaring back out each time I run! Eventually 25 minutes was a thing of the past and I was slowly getting closer and closer to 20 minutes! My main goal was to eventually run five or so minutes per kilometer and by the end of last year I was consistently doing that not only for 4km but for every kilometer up to 8km!!!

Running PBs
1km 4.35
2km 9.35
3km 14.23
4km 18.47
5km 24.30
6km 30.02
7km 35.40
8km 40.57
9km 48.00
10km 52.21

The day I ran my first 4km in under 20 minutes I was so pumped! I couldn’t believe it! From a netballer and sprinter to a long distance runner….who would have ever thought! But once a goal is achieved you set your sights on other goals then and although I never thought in a million years I would ever run 4km in under 19 minutes I’m happy to say I did and only two days ago!


My pb was 19.30 so my goal was to get under the .30! Running isn’t easy and running a fast pace over a large distance is ever harder! I’d pretty much resigned myself to being at my peak for my 4km and I was happy with that! I did have in the back of mind that it would be nice to take 10 minutes off my original pb I started with a year ago, but I silently kept that to myself!

We are currently on holidays at the coast and as a runner, there is nothing better than running at the beach! It was my first run of our holiday. I’d had two bad night sleeps, a sore knee and was getting over a kinked neck! But I was determined to get out and have a run. I walked to the point where I wanted to start my run, it was about 1.5kms in total! So many people were out and about – running, walking, bike riding! I created a new playlist on my iPhone so I was all set. The minute I took off I felt fast! I actually thought I probably should slow down or I’ll die in the arse lol!

As I reached my 1st km I was 4.35mins into my run, then my second 9.35mins! I was stoked with these times but had run them several times before. It was at my 3rd km and a pb of 14.23 that I thought I may have been in with a chance! I was still feeling fantastic and had the end in sight! Where I normally sprint the last 100m by the last 500m I was starting to feel the tank was getting low. But I held on and pushed the last bit and when I reached my 4km mark at 18.47 mins I fist pumped the air lol!


People were probably thinking what is that freak doing, but I didn’t care….I’d just taken 10 minutes off my original pb from when I started running 4km a year ago!!! Straightaway I had to tell someone so I text a bestie of mine who runs and would understand what that meant to me!!! What a great feeling:)

Anyone can do what I’ve done. I’m no Olympic champion and never will be, but I am my own champion and my children’s champion and that’s all that matters to me! I do this for myself and in the hope that I inspire my children to always want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Well now it’s a new year, new chapter, new goals, but one thing that will always be the same will be my will power, strength, determination and consistency….this is what brought me here to the point I am at today:)!