My Place of Peace:)….

Soft sand between my toes, cool breeze in my face, the sound of crashing waves – my place of peace is definitely the beach!


Since I can remember I’ve always LOVED the beach. When I was a little girl I would burst with excitement at the prospect of going to the beach. When I close my eyes, I can still visualise driving up the road waiting for the water to appear. I would sit there with the intent to scream with joy as soon as I saw the first glimpse of the ocean and you know I still have those same feelings now as an adult.


The beach is one place where I can be and feel as though the worry of the world is lifted from my shoulders and I only feel a sense of peace. I could sit all day and gaze out at what I would say be the most beautiful thing to look at. It makes me happy. I always feel content. I feel calm and confident when I’m at my place of peace.

Now that we have our own children, it’s become a very regular place to visit. The kids have discovered a love of the beach like their mumma and it’s so nice watching them laugh and have fun just like I did when I was a child. My favourite holiday moments and time as a family is always at the beach.


Last weekend was our final getaway for the summer to Palm Beach. It came at time where all facets of life were at their peak, but the moment I stepped foot on the beach, everything that I’d been feeling was washed away and my sense of peace and calmness was back. We had a ball just like always. The kids had a sneaky day off school on the Friday and we spent the morning on the beach (which we practically had to ourselves) playing ball, swimming, digging holes and searching for shells….it’s moments like this I absolutely live for!

The beach is also one of my favourite places to run. I always love a good barefoot run or a nice steady long run which always seems so much easier when you have such a amazing view to look at.


Some would ask if I love it so much why not move?? My husband would in a heartbeat, but I love it for somewhere to getaway to. I’ve spoken to many people who have moved to the coast because they ‘love the beach’ and hardly go to it as life becomes so busy they don’t have time! I have too many reasons to stay living where I am and am content keeping my place of peace somewhere I can go for a holiday away from my normal life!

Life is so fast these days and the pressure and demands put on people is becoming phenomenal. For me to deal with this, I rely on my place of peace as a means to recharge and regain my sense of peace and happiness, which allows me to tackle what life throws my way!