We Made It!!!!!!

Between me as a teacher and having two children who go to school, I can officially say we made it through another school year…it’s time to PaRtY!!!!!!!

School is out for another year!!!!

What a year it’s been, both professionally and as a school mum! I’ve had a massive year at work with my prep special ed kids and my own children have had big years as well, especially with my daughter starting prep! And even with everything we’ve been through, the one thing that remained consistent was school!

As I reflect back over the year, for my grade two son, he has become so mature and responsible. He is an active learner and a great mathematician! He reads for understanding and enjoyment and puts so much effort into any task that is asked of him. He is kind, he is friendly, he has taken each day of school in his stride and is adored by everyone!


Then there is my preppie daughter. Well where do I start!!! She has gone from a child clinging to my leg screaming “don’t leave me mummy!!!” To a happy, confident and smart girl who is ready to tackle the challenges of year one. She has improved with her confidence in her ability to read and has found a love of writing. She loves maths and her quick wit is as sharp as ever!! She is funny and friendly and is adored by everyone as well!

Last day of prep…am so proud of how far Sienna has come!!

When I walked up the path to pick up the kids for the last time this year, I felt happy that we were about to embark on 6 weeks school holidays together, but sad that another year of their school life was complete! I can’t believe I’ll have a grade 3 and grade 1 child next year!! I love the prep year too, so saying goodbye to Sienna’s amazing teacher and teacher aide was hard, thankfully I still have one more prep year left with Mia in two years time!!
Last pick up day for the year!

This week has been a wonderful week of celebrations. It started on Tuesday when Sienna’s prep class performed ‘A Christmas Story’ play. It was beautiful. It was so well rehearsed that all the children did a magnificent job and had so much fun. All the kids were given presents and folios to end the concert and the parents were given a gift as well! The day was finished with a shared morning tea! A great end to a brilliant year!!



Sienna played a camel and did a great job! She sang with a smile on her face the whole time!

The kids got their report cards yesterday and I was so proud of their achievements. All of their hard work, our persistence with homework and the dedication of their wonderful teachers sure has paid off!!


The final celebration today was for Bay. His class put together a slide show, celebrating the fantastic things they’ve done this year….









Bailey is lucky to have had three brilliant teachers so far and a lovely group of children who he can call his friends!

Now that the school year is finished for us all, we have so much to look forward to! The next couple of weeks will be spent enjoying the lead up to Christmas Day and then after that we are off on our much-needed 10 day holiday to Burleigh!

But I must end my post by saying I wouldn’t be able to make it through any school year without the help from my beautiful mother. Mum not only babysits Mia while I work my two days, she helps with school drop offs and pick ups and I appreciate she does more than words can say!!

Thank you nanny!!

Happy holidays to all my fellow teachers, school mums and friends!!!

What better way to start our holiday with dinner and dessert out and looking at Christmas lights!!!


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