Let the Festive Season Begin!

This weekend officially marks the beginning of the festive season! Whether it’s celebrating with friends or family, it always involves lots of laughter, eating, love, giving and receiving!

Each week from now I will post a blog that is related to something that we traditionally do at christmas time. We are in love with this time of year and the excitement that it brings our children! We started preparing for christmas two weeks ago now when we got out all our lights out and started decorating the front of the house. So far we up to about 2000 lights with the finishing touches happening this weekend!

There is something so endearing about this time of year. Between Santa, reindeers, holly, red and green, stars, bells and snow flakes, it’s a wonderful time to decorate, celebrate and appreciate out family and friends! Now that we have children we have started many ‘Trew Christmas Traditions’ that we intend on continuing for many years to come!

Enjoy the festive season and I look forward to sharing with you our Christmas joy during the month of December!


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