Me & My Gals…..

It’s been almost two years since we welcomed a second daughter into our family. Almost two years of being a party of 5 and almost two years since Bailey started school, therefore almost two years since its been just me and my gals at home!


We’ve had so much fun together! It’s been such a precious time watching Sienna nurture and love her baby sister. The time spent watching my daughters form their beautiful sisterly bond, has been captured and enjoyed over and over again. They laugh at each other, help each other to do things, they play nicely, they annoy each other, but one thing is for sure they look out for each other each and everyday!


The realisation that Sienna starts prep next year is really starting to hit home and as of this week, there is only three weeks left of the school year, which means only three weeks left of just me and my gals at home! Mia is going to be lost without her big sister. Her big sister is her one person who no matter what, will drop everything when Mia says “Sie Sie play!” Sienna can be half asleep and she will still drag herself outside to make her little sister happy! It will certainly take some time to get use to!


For me, I will miss the laughter! The girls laughing at each other and with each other is like music to my ears! So often their laughter will stop me in my tracks and I will just sit and watch and laugh with them! Mia is the funniest little person I know….who will be there to share in her antics now!? Sienna is such a proud big sister and always gets excited when Mia learns to do something new….Mia’s biggest fan is starting a new phase and the time they’ve spent together over the past two years will be so very different now!


But like anything, we don’t have a choice and we have to move on with the change! I don’t particularly like change though!!!!!! Like I said, it will be hard at first, Mia and I will feel like there is a piece to our puzzle missing, but we’ll get use to it…it was exactly the same when Bailey started prep! We are so happy for our Sie Sie girl and know that she is going to have a blast at school!


So in the next three weeks I plan on enjoying my time with just me and my gals – I will embrace it and all the greatness that it brings!




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