Trick or Treat!

Halloween….you either love it or hate it! It’s actually quite a controversial topic in Australia as a lot of people think we shouldn’t be celebrating it due to it not being one our traditional traditions. How this is changing! Over the past few years, the shops have added more and more to their Halloween stock which is why a lot of us are starting to embrace it! I have nothing against people not wanting to acknowledge it – each to their own. We do…why not, it’s all a bit of fun and the kids just have a ball:)

Each year since Bailey was about 2 we’ve gone trick or treating to only the people in our Neighborhood that we know, but this year was the first year we decorated our ‘red wall’! Like we do at Christmas, Easter and birthdays, I added Halloween decorations a few days before October 31st! The kids love the ‘red wall’ decorated! They were sad when I took the Halloween decorations down this morning and were already asking about the Christmas ones lol!

Our ‘red wall’ that we use to decorate for special occasions!

Ready for trick or treaters:)

In the past Kane and I have just taken our kids and my nephews trick or treating, but this year I cooked dinner for the family and we all celebrated the night together! It was lovely. It was a great excuse to also make Halloween cupcakes and experiment with my icing…which I might add I finally can make icing that does what I want it to do – for decorating purposes that is (thank you Michelle Shaw)!

My Halloween masterpiece:)

Roles were reversed with our children this year. Bailey usually always loves getting dressed up and am sad to say he wasn’t into the ‘dress up’ side of it this year:( but Sienna sure was and Mia well she didn’t have a choice lol!

My beautiful little Dracula:)

My baby fairy:)

Bay was a ‘gunman’ hence the gun lol!

Trick or treat time….





All in all is was a great night and our best Halloween to date! Our expectations are set high now as our children never forget a thing lol! Now it’s time to really start planning for our biggest and best celebration of the year….Christmas! Keep an eye out on the blog for my Christmas display post…it will be our biggest display yet!

The kids loved being visited by the Whitehouse Family:)

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