I’ve Been Tattooed!!!

After many years of wanting one, procrastinating about what to get and where to put it, I finally got my first tattoo! Right now I know half of you will be saying really? And the other half of you will be saying cool! With my mother saying you’re a fool lol! But it’s done now and there is no turning back!

Of course initially when wanting a tattoo I always focused more on how much it was going to hurt rather than the final product! Then there has always been the biggest issue of what to get and where to get it! I know I always wanted my children’s names. I always wanted a frangipani, but the position well let’s just say that I have procrastinated over the most!

Four years ago Kane booked me in to get a tattoo for Christmas but because I was breastfeeding Sienna at the time, they wouldn’t do it in case of infection….well in the mean time I’ve had another baby breast fed her for 15 months which has taken me to where I am now finally getting what I want! No more excuses, no more babies so everything was set!

A few months ago I found a saying on Facebook from Quotes central and the minute I read it I knew that is what I wanted etched into my skin for the rest of my life! I changed the wording a bit but the concept stayed the same.


After knowing that I wanted the above saying, with my children’s names and some frangipanies the position was the last thing to decide! I ended up going with my thigh as what do I love doing…running and that’s the part of my body that is worked thoroughly when I run! I also wanted it in a position where it can be covered for work and essentially it is something that I wanted to do and I’m happy that I am the one who mostly gets to see it!

I think the biggest decision in all of this is where to get it done! It’s not like getting a hair cut or your nails done where those things can grow back…this is something forever!! After returning back from school holidays I was chatting to one of my lovely teacher aides who said she got a tattoo over the holidays. Well by the end of the day I had designed my tattoo and was booked in for two weeks time. I was happy and content to go with someone who was highly recommended….plus seeing 11 tattoos he had done on my friend I was impressed!

Leading up to today I was not nervous, scared or anxious at all, I was only excited! I kept saying to my husband…I can’t believe I am finally getting a tattoo!! I didn’t tell anyone – well maybe one of my besties but I had to tell someone!!! I got there early (I know shocking lol) to find out the guy who was suppose to do it didn’t work on Sundays anymore!!! Not off to a good start. And then they didn’t take EFTPOS so I had to go and get money out. By this point I was a bit nervous and thought do I go ahead with it??

My lovely friend from work was always coming and she reassured me that this guy was good too. I went with my gut feeling and did it. I was there and wasn’t going anywhere until I had my tattoo done! I was so proud of myself. I was calm the whole time and didn’t flinch once! That first moment when he was about to put the needle on my skin was a bit overwhelming but it didn’t hurt anywhere near like I thought it would have! It was more annoying than anything.

This is the sequence of events:

Stencil on my leg all ready to go….bit nervous by this stage!

No turning back now….pain was minimal and so bearable!

Coming along nicely!

Most annoying bit to go – the shading!

The finished product…love it!! The stinging had just started though!

Close up all cleaned and stinging subsided:)

I’m so so happy with the end result! This tattoo means a lot to me…when I became a mum it changed my life forever and I will fight everyday to be here for my babies for as long as I can!

Well I’ve done it! I’ve finally taken the plunge to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but hesitated so much! I’m addicted now! I’ve already picked out two more to add to my one collection….three will be enough though…for now lol! Only kidding mum:)