A Decade of Marriage…


10 years ago, at 3.30pm on October 9th 2004, I married my best friend, my lover and the man who would become the father to my children….we became husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Trew!

The day was magical, everything I’d dreamt of since I was a little girl. The big white dress, lots of pink, a pretty cake and most importantly there was definitely love in the air. We celebrated our day with 150 family and friends, ate beautiful food and danced the night away – my husband even did a strip dance to the Grease remix song – I still giggle when I think of this lol….all in all it was a wonderful celebration that was all about us and who we are! If I was ever given the chance I’d relive that day in a heartbeat!







10 years on and how things have changed! So much has happened in 10 years. We have shared so many wonderful memories together I don’t even know where to begin!!

The greatest achievement in our ten years of marriage though is creating our party of 5! Our three babies are our pride and joy and we are so proud of them. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs as parents, but with each hurdle thrown our way, we’ve jumped over it together (sometimes we’ve had to pull each other over it lol) but we’ve always come out the other end stronger.



We have laughed out loud lots together, shared in each other’s grief of the loss of loved ones, nurtured each other when sick (Kane has done this for me 10 to his 1 lol), been there for each other when we’re feeling down and supported each other with whatever we’ve wanted to do!


We have turned our house into a home, creating an environment where our children feel loved and safe. We have invested, bought several cars and been on numerous holidays – our first trip to America being our biggest highlight to date.


Our 10 years of marriage have been great – not perfect, but what marriage is! Marriage like parenting, was never meant to be easy. It’s something that has to be worked at everyday! It’s never meant to be taken for granted and needs to be nurtured to grow. It’s like a rollercoaster – you enjoy the highs and hold on during the lows.


To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, we tossed up many things to do. We went from staying at the Stanford Plaza for a night, to having a balance of time away with the kids and on our own to all of us together for three nights at our favourite Palm Beach resort. We made it a family occasion as that is what is so important to us!







We had the most amazing weekend. The weather was sensational, the kids had a ball. We ventured to the beach, the creek, walked through the mangroves and scooted to the park. We swam so much the kids must have been water-logged!! And of course I enjoyed my runs along the beautiful water front!






To top off the weekend, my lovely parents came down and stayed with the kids so we could go out and celebrate just the two of us! We had such a great night at Jupiters Casino eating loads, drinking a few and losing money on roulette! The night was topped off by a stroll along the beach watching the moon rise and watching the fireworks that were on at Southport! It was perfect:)



These past 10 years have been a real learning curve and as each day goes by we will continue to learn. We are so blessed to have some of the most amazing people around us who inspire us to the best we can be. Particularly my beautiful parents who are celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary today.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years holds for us. From this point we will continue to love and nurture each other. We will continue to enjoy our beautiful precious babies. We will continue to work very hard at building the life we want for ourselves and our children. But in the immediate future we will enjoy our first trip to America as a party of 5…only 7 weeks to go!!!!

Happy 10 year wedding anniversary Kane Trew…I love you with every single beat of my heart!

Celebrating Us….

This week has been a lovely week and is always one of my favorite weeks of the year! It was our wedding anniversary:) This year marked 9 years and last month on September 21st marked 16 years together! Because the two dates are so close together, we always do one big celebration and this year was perfect!

One of the best days of our lives:)

It’s the only time of the year where we go away for the night and concentrate on us for a change. We spend so much time pouring our energy into our children, it’s so nice to be able to spend quality time alone together and have a decent conversation and meal where we are not interrupted by little voices (even though I wouldn’t change that for the world!)

On our actual anniversary day, we had a reasonably quiet day. I cooked dinner for us all and we celebrated in the comforts of our own home, as a party of 5. It was lovely actually, thinking about the day we became husband and wife and looking at what we’ve created since!



This year’s night away was amazing!!! Kane secretly booked a night away at the Stamford Plaza…we stayed there the night of our wedding and hadn’t been back since! It was so worth the 9 year wait as it’s the most beautiful place to stay. The foyer is so exquisite, the decor of the rooms, the classical music constantly playing in the background of the lifts, the friendly staff who can never do enough for you….they really make you feel like royalty and when you’re upgraded to a deluxe suite on the top-level, I really did feel like royalty lol!







For dinner that night, we had the most beautiful seafood buffet at the Stamford Plaza, with views of the Brisbane river and a lit up Story Bridge, it was so peaceful. Following our dinner we went for a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk and then finished the night with a couple of drinks at the bar – a truly wonderful night full of good conversation and laughs!





The next morning we woke to an overcast morning where we went for another leisurely stroll along the boardwalk followed by a beautiful buffet breakfast and spa! It was one of the best times we’ve had together since becoming parents. I think as one child turns into eventually 3, you really learn to appreciate the time you have alone. I’ve always loved my husband’s company. We make each other laugh and that’s always been a favourite pastime with the man who is my everything!


Now that we are back to the land of reality with our 3 beautiful babies, we will cherish the memories of our night away and look forward to next year’s celebrations, the big one – 10 years!!! Plans are already in the making:) Thank you to my wonderful husband, Kane Trew, who is my lover, my best friend, the man whose shoulder I cry on and the man who drives me up the wall, but I wouldn’t have it any other way….or maybe lol! Jokes babe…I love you forever!!!!


A Day to Remember!

8 years ago today I married my best friend, my lover and the man that would one day become the father of my children! We had been together for 7 years and like most females, I’d been dreaming about this day since I was a little girl and what a beautiful day to always remember on this date!


I still remember that day like it was yesterday. The butterflies in my stomach as I approached my soon to be husband, my beautiful dress and how I felt like a princess and the happiness that filled my heart as I married my prince, my one true love!


It was a beautiful hot sunny day that day and like true wedding style, we had a few dramas leading up to the big day, but the actual day couldn’t have been any better! In front of 150 family and friends, Kane and I declared our love for one another in a traditional style church wedding…our children have since been christened there:)


Once the nuptials were completed, we headed over to the Roma Street Parklands, where our photographer captured some beautiful moments that we will cherish forever!


Having a large bridal party that consisted of siblings and friends, paved way to have loads of fun…many laughs were shared that day as well as tears of joy (mostly by Tash lol)!


Our reception was at the Paloma located at Sunnybank. We chose somewhere that would cater to the volume of people and central to where everyone was traveling from. Between having a delicious array of food, beverages and dance floor to kick off our shoes, the reception was our party to celebrate our love and unity and of course what better way than the groom doing a strip tease to the ‘Grease’ remix song lol!


We had been engaged for 18 months, which allowed plenty of time to organise the wedding day of our dreams…but like anything we had a budget to stick towards and although we could have had less people at a more extravagant venue, we chose to have the people we cherished the most. The day was all about us and the fact that we were two people becoming one. It was pink, girly, bright, florally which is all things me and the boys wore plain but handsome suits which is all things Kane! I still to this day love what I created (with the help of my one and only mumma) and to me our wedding day will always be the best!






To me getting married is more than a piece of paper, I take it seriously and the vowels we declared in front of our friends and family are ones our relationship faces everyday….”in sickness and in health, from richer to poorer, through good times and bad, till death do us part!”


I love you Kane Trew…happy 8 year wedding anniversary! Thank you for the times we have shared thus far. I’m so proud of what we have created and love you and our babies more than life itself:) And what better way to spend it than with my party of 5!


40 Years and Counting!

I write this piece with absolute pride, as the two people this story revolves around are my wonderful parents!


45 years ago at the young age of 15 a boy met a girl and took her out on their first date…a football match:) and from that moment on, they started a beautiful journey I would like to share with you!


After 4 years of ‘going steady’, a handsome Gary Keith Winters married a beautiful Carol Ann Holpen at the age of 19. They made such a stunning couple on their wedding day even though dad was in a terrible car accident weeks before and had his arm in plaster!!


Once they tied the knot and declared their love in front of all their loved ones, dad was sent to Singapore to serve in the army and mum being the supportive wife she is, went with him as he was to be away for a year! What an experience…19, newlyweds and living in Singapore, I know I wouldn’t have been ready for that at such a young age!


Once they returned from Singapore they spent the next couple of years working hard to buy their first home…our family home that we grew up in and the home they still reside in today! They first became parents at 22 to twin girls, my sisters Michelle and Peta. Mum only found out after she gave birth to Michelle that there was another baby to be born! Imagine being told “Mrs Winters you have another baby in there you need to get ready to push again!”….”ummm no thank you, I only ordered one!!!!” Ahhh thank goodness technology has improved lol! Then 6 years later after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage in between, I was born!


Growing up in the Winters household meant lots of love, laughter and joy! The girls and I have truly been blessed with such wonderful parents who are so selfless and loving! They always worked so hard to provide a roof over our head, food on the table, clothes on our backs and always gave us the best holidays, birthdays and Christmas! The best childhood memories anyone could ask for!


As we grew older and started to achieve great things with our sport and academics, mum and dad always supported us and again worked really hard to help us make our dreams and goals come true! We were all so lucky to have magical wedding days and the support of our parents when buying our first house, car and making the decision to start a family!


Throughout all of this the one common factor that my parents relationship has sustained is love! They are still the most selfless people I know and they still work really hard to help us all out and now it’s not just three daughters, it’s also three son in laws and 7 beautiful grandchildren! But the love my parents share is even greater than the day that boy met a girl and took her out on their very first date!



Now that we are all grown up, moved out of home and have families of our own, it’s mum and dad’s time to relish in each other again. They have such a great life together and it’s so nice after 40 years of marriage that they still make each other laugh and enjoy spending time together – be it at Diggers on a Friday night, on holidays at Palm Beach or spending time with their grandchildren!


Which brings me to ask the question….can high school sweethearts last the distance?? So many people are quick to judge couples who have been in a committed relationship from a young age….”they won’t last!”, “what would they know about love, they were so young when they started going out!”, “they’ll get sick of each other eventually!”

I believe high school sweethearts or young love can last forever! Who says that you can’t have one true love?! How many people divorce that aren’t high school sweet hearts?! I really don’t think it matters if you are high school sweethearts or not if you love someone and want to be with them forever, it is possible, but like everything you have to work at it and make an effort! Marriage isn’t easy, it’s about flexibility, working as a team and compromising…..even my parents know that. They’ve had their ups and downs but never once did they give up!

I feel so blessed that I have two wonderful role models in my life that I can look up to and be inspired by! I’ve had exposure to wonderful parenting, a great marriage and now fantastic grandparenting! Kane and I are high school sweethearts and I can only hope that in 30 years time we are as happy and in love as my parents are today!

How many of you out there married your high school sweetheart or first love?

The Man That Holds My Hand!

I’ve written quite a few blogs now about different members of my family and by now you would all know how blessed I am with such wonderful people around me. There is one person who I haven’t said too much about yet and that is my wonderful husband – Kane Trew!

Almost 20 years ago I met this skinny, shorter than me boy on the basketball courts, at Woodridge High in the first week of grade 8! We didn’t have a lot to do with each other until he was in my English class in year nine and again in year 10 and then for two years he sat in front of Tania and I in Science!

Then finally after a friendship for a few years, we started going out at the end of year 12 on September 21st 1997…almost 15 years ago! Throughout our 15 years we have been through many ups and downs and the reason why I haven’t been found in the fetal position in the corner of a room somewhere, is because of this wonderful man who is always been by my side!

Life is one big rollercoaster of challenge after challenge, thrown in with fun times that create our wonderful memories! As a couple who have created such beautiful memories together, we have also been through our fair share of hurdles. But one common denominator in our story is that most of the time it’s Kane who has had to be there to support me through the tough times and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful selfless man in my life.

In 15 years Kane has been right by my side to hold my hand when:
*I was having a meltdown about not being able to complete a Uni assignment on time.
*When I’d had few too many drinks and needed a needle to stop the vomitting – oops lol!
*When I graduated university.
*When I got my first permanent teaching job.
*When writing report cards seemed like it was never going to end.
*When we made the decision to buy our first house.
*When he asked for my hand in marriage and then again when we declared our love in front of everyone on our wedding day.
*When we found out we were going to have our first baby.
*When I miscarried our first baby and had to have a curette.
*When I was in the late stages of my pregnancies and would wake up with terrible cramps in my legs or needed help to get out of bed!
*When I suffered terrible morning sickness for weeks on end.
*When I gave birth to each of our children.
*When I was up breastfeeding in the night for the first time.
*When our newborns needed help to be settled.
*When our children went to hospital to have their surgeries.
*When we went overseas with 2 kids under 4!
*When I had half my thyroid removed.
*When we waited 10 days for my results to see if the tumor in my thyroid was cancerous or not.
*When I’ve been up in the night with an ear ache, tooth ache or bad head cold.
*When I’ve taken on a new position at work.
*When I was given the news about my heart condition.
*And just this morning when I shed a tear over our last born not having a breastfeed anymore.

I wouldn’t have been able to get through any of this if my wonderful husband wasn’t their holding my hand! I figure if we can sustain all of this and still come out smiling and be in love more than ever, then he’ll still be holding my hand in many, many years to come!