3….How can that be???

This week my youngest baby turned 3…THREE…how can that be???


I will forever remember the drama that surrounded Mia’s birth. Being diagnosed with a dilated aorta and tricuspid aortic valve at 37 weeks pregnant was enough to take my pregnancy to a whole new level, as we entered into a scary world of the unknown. Would I survive? Was it safe to deliver? Cesarean? ICU? Risk after? Open heart surgery?…it’s safe to say I was completely frightened out of my wits!!!! But when she finally came out, 2 weeks early, it was such a relief to hold my precious baby girl and know that I’d made it through the hardest part and so did she!


Now 3 years on, my baby has gone so far past a baby it makes me really sad that I’ll never have ‘baby’ moments again!


Mia – aka cookie, pumpkin, poocoo, darling, chick…pretty much anything other than Mia lol, is growing into a funny, intelligent little lady. When I looked back at photos from her second birthday, it really hit home how much she’s grown. In a year her language development has been amazing and she has been completely toilet trained since before Christmas. She LOVES reading books and her favourite shows are Playschool and the Wiggles. She knows her colours, most of her shapes, counts to 20 and spells her own name.


Mia loves to help and she is a really good helper (most of the time lol). She is such a busy little bee now. Her week consists of hanging out with nanny while I work, play group, swimming lessons and helping me out with the house work and groceries. I really love hanging out with my mini me…she is so funny and makes me laugh a lot!! Mia was my most challenging baby and such a busy toddler, it’s so nice she’s reached an age where she’s great to take anywhere and unless she’s super tired, she really is a good girl!


To celebrate Mia’s birthday this year which was on a Monday and my work day, we decided to have a family day on Sunday down at Wynnum. The weather was absolutely amazing and everyone had an awesome time, particularly the birthday girl. We spent the day swimming and had fish and chips for lunch.
















17th of February at 7.30pm Mia was exactly 3 years old! To celebrate the day, she spent it with nanny while I worked. They went to Maccas for morning tea and then did their usual – read books, sing songs, cuddle teddies and watch Playschool. I came straight home from work to cook dinner and ice her cake. This year’s theme was teddy bears. Mia loves teddies. She has so many of them and carries one around all the time. She was super excited it was her birthday, she didn’t even have her day nap so was pretty exhausted by the end of the day, but never stopped smiling:)























Mia turning 3 really hits home that my baby days are over. When I walk past the nappies in the supermarket, it reminds me I’ll never have a little babies bottom to kiss again. When I looked at the Best and Less catalogue this week and saw all the gorgeous new bonds all-in-ones¬†, I think I actually had a tear in my eye. The only bit of baby I still hold onto is the fact that Mia is still in a cot…and she loves it so much I can’t see her vacating it anytime soon lol. But that day will come…later in the year the girls are going in together and that will be the day I’ll never have a nursery again…booohoooo;(

But for now I’m not going to dwell on that fact that my baby days are over, cause my mothering days will never be over. As the kids get older and they become more involved in sport and extra curricular activities, let alone everything that comes with going to school, they’ll need me more than ever!! This is Mia’s last year before she starts preschool next year and then she’ll be off to prep! I love my work days off with her, she is my little shadow and I will enjoy every moment I have with her before she starts school!

Me and my mini me…my very own baby angel … Happy 3rd birthday princess xoxoxo!

The Big 5!!!

5 years ago on the 30th of June at 11.55am, my beautiful 10p 2oz baby girl was born. I still remember like it was yesterday pulling her from my inner soul to discover she was a girl!!!! I was so over joyed. After having a boy first, I really wanted a little girl and my wish was granted! She was MASSIVE (lol) but oh so devine. She never whimpered once and looked around at us all as if to say “I’m ready to take on this world!”


Sienna Lynette Trew has been a shining star from the minute she took her first breath on this earth. She is kind. She is thoughtful. She is so beautiful and sweet but also very funny and feisty! She never wants for much and is so easy to please. She has an anxiety attack if you mention the word dress (lol) and would prefer to wear shorts and joggers over skirts and ballet flats, but she has a great sense of style of her own. Sienna is the type of child to give you her last bite of food if you were starving or her last dollar if you were broke…she is just amazing!!!


Sienna was so so excited to be turning 5 this year, after all it is a whole hand worth of fingers to hold up now!!! And after what has been such an emotional month for our family, it was a lovely way to end the month on a happy note for once. Now that Sienna is in school, she had several celebrations…..

First was her school celebrations where I baked a batch of cupcakes for her and her fellow prep H students. They all sang happy birthday to her and enjoyed eating their cupcakes for morning tea…



Second was her party with her friends. Sienna was in control of her guest list and food, I just went out and bought and baked it all for her. She knew exactly what she wanted. I offered to put a tea party on with a few of her girl friends but she insisted on having her closest boy friends invited so the park it was. The day was spoilt by the weather, but that didn’t stop all the kids from having a ball….










The third and final day of celebrations was her official birthday which was yesterday! She is becoming so particular with what she wants it’s so adorable! Her request was straight hair and nails painted like me:), bowling with the family and of course lots of cake! For presents her only request was a microphone. So by granting her all of this, we had one very happy 5 year old on our hands yesterday….
























The Cake:
Due to the passing of my dear nana at the beginning of the month and the weeks of her being in hospital leading up to her passing, I haven’t baked or decorated a cake or cupcake since grandad’s birthday on April 20th. That day, unbeknown to us, was the last birthday in the family celebrated with nana present – so to say Sienna’s birthday was bittersweet is an understatement!

It was nice to get back into something that I LoVe to do though. Sienna loves rainbows so this year’s birthday theme for her has been rainbow colours with purple as the predominant colour. I’ve always wanted to try a 6 layer rainbow cake and when I showed it to Sienna, she was so excited to be getting that as her birthday cake. This is how it turned out….




Sienna loved it as did everyone and I was extremely happy with my first attempt at a rainbow cake – one of my favourite cakes to date!

All in all Sienna had a wonderful 5th birthday filled with lots of love, fun and laughter. She was very spoilt and got a beautiful assortment of presents from one direction merchandise to matching nike shoes like mine. But her favourite present that she hasn’t put down is her microphone…we may have a singer and dancer on our hands! After such a turmoil month, I sincerely hope Sienna’s birthday marks the beginning of many happy memories for our family!


Thank you to everyone for all of Sienna’s birthday wishes and for anyone who helped make our little girl’s 5th birthday extra special!

All The Threes!

Since the new year rolled over, we’ve celebrated Mia’s 2nd birthday, Bailey’s 7th, Kane’s, Dad’s and Easter and last Thursday on April 4th I celebrated my 33rd birthday! Like most years my birthday was on school holidays which I LOVE!! It was such a fantastic day, one of the best birthdays I’ve had, especially since becoming a mum!

I spent the day doing all the things I love to do best….
During the day I went down to Wynnum and had morning tea and fish and chips for lunch. Mum came with us as well as my two nephews. The kids had a ball kicking the footy around, playing on the playground and swimming! It was a bit windy but the sun was shining – it was glorious!







The afternoon was spent lazing around before we got ourselves ready to go out for dinner with the family. We ended up at Hotel HQ, the kids love the kid’s playroom there. Again it was a great night filled with beautiful food, yummy cake, lots of laughter and I was very spoilt by everyone…especially with a custom made frame with photos of My Party of 5 from my hubby and children:)

Love it…thanks babe!











I went to bed that night feeling happy and content! I was so overwhelmed with all the birthday messages I received either via Facebook, text and phone…I was definitely feeling the love!

And if my birthday wasn’t great enough, on Saturday night I organised a small party with my friends! Since turning 30 we’ve been through so much with my health, the kids and Kane’s job, this year I wanted a night out where we could get dressed up and celebrate a birthday where for the first time in a long time I haven’t been pregnant, breast feeding or recovering from surgery! We had a great night out at the Glen. 35 of our closest friends joined in the celebrations where we laughed a lot, chatted heaps and enjoyed a few drinks or three or four…lol! I really appreciated the effort people went to. I know how hard it is to get out and about these days, so it was great to see everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves. Once again my wonderful parents took care of our munchkins, but were able to pop in for a bit and my sister and brother in law stayed and drove us home:)!














And of course what’s a birthday without a cake…my latest edition!



To end what was a great few days of celebrations, I managed to get up to Garden City yesterday to spend my birthday money. I already what I wanted in mind and when I’m on a mission there is no stopping me! It took me exactly one hour to go from home and back with my money spent and everything bought that I wanted!

A new handbag and purse, pair of havaianas and the best of all a Tomas Sabo bracelet and charm:)…very lucky lady I am!

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s birthday extra special. I feel very blessed to have a wonderful husband, three amazing children, a loving family and a number of great friends! For now all the threes has been awesome, lets hope it continues!!!



Easter is normally one of my favourite times as it’s the only time of year we are guaranteed a 4 day long weekend! But, I don’t know about anyone else, I so wasn’t ready for Easter at all this year! I feel like I haven’t fully recovered from Christmas and with it being earlier than normal, it really crept up on us very quickly! The kids haven’t even gone on and on about it like they normally do weeks leading up to it!!! It’s been such a huge year so far and it’s going by so fast, nothing feels as enjoyable as years gone past, I’m hoping that changes as the year goes on!

But with all this said, I still tried really hard to make this Easter an exciting one that the kids will remember! Up until the day before Good Friday I hadn’t bought a thing!!! Thankfully I was able to complete most of my shopping at late night shopping just in time for
the extra long weekend! The kid’s and I had put our decorations up on the Wednesday and the excitement did start at 2.30 on Thursday which signalled 2 weeks school holidays!!!! ūüôā





We spent Good Friday at the skate park, playground, swimming at mum and dad’s and finished the day off with the boy’s going to the footy and is girls having dinner at mum and dad’s:)





Easter Saturday was an extra special day as it was my daddy’s birthday! It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since we celebrated dad’s 60th birthday with a fabulous party at my sister’s house. Now another year has past! It was a lovely day spent doing what dad loves to do the best…beers, horse racing and footy…with his loved ones around him:) I made the cake of course and we relished in each other’s company all day!



Easter Sunday started with its usual tradition of the kid’s Easter egg hunt. Usually we have to race off somewhere for breakfast, but this year we didn’t need to so it was so nice to potter all morning with the kids as we didn’t have to be anywhere until lunch time. On our way to my sister’s for lunch, we stopped in and saw nana and grandad. The rest of the day was spent eating, laughing and playing backyard sports with the kids! Another quiet but fun Easter:)


























Now it’s Easter Monday and the realisation that nothing has been done for three days has hit lol! Washing is
coming out of my ears, the house is a sad sight and the Easter presents need to be sorted and put away…all I can say is thank god it’s school holidays!!! We finished up today spending the morning at Movie World and the afternoon having a much needed rest! So far I’ve put the Easter decorations away and sorted my washing! It’s been a fabulous Easter weekend filled with the things I love doing the most…family time, running, eating, laughing and giving gifts!

Happy Easter to My Party of 5 followers…I hope your Easter has been filled with all things you love!

February Babies!

OMG!!!! What a massive month February will be for the rest of my life! I’ve been quite quiet on the blog of late as I have just finished celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday last week and my son’s 7th birthday yesterday!! When I think back now, it surely wasn’t good planning on our behalf! And what is more ironic is that both Bailey and Mia, who are my eldest and youngest babies, were both suppose to be March babies but were born at 38 weeks…so February it is!

In the past two weeks I’ve baked 5 birthday cakes, 60 cupcakes, a batch of biscuits, pikelets, pancakes, wrapped several presents, decorated and sang happy birthday a number of times…and as much as I’m lying here quite exhausted today, I just love making my babies birthdays special!
I’ve had so much fun cake decorating this month:)

It all started with Mia’s birthday on Sunday the 17th. We were hoping to spend the day at the beach swimming and soaking up the beautiful sun rays, but it hasn’t stopped raining this month so we were forced to stay indoors! But that didn’t stop my precious little one from having a fabulous day! We had family come over for dinner and cake and Mia loved all the attention….
And that was just on her birthday!

Mia had a big 1st birthday party with lots of friends, so we decided to have a quiet low key ‘polka dot theme’ morning tea with a few little friends this year at her regular hang out – The Runcorn Pool!
Another year of celebrating my precious little angel’s birthday…I still can’t believe my youngest is 2 already;(

Next cab off the rank was Bailey! With his birthday on a Tuesday (which is footy training night) this year, we decided to have our family celebrations on Sunday night at his favorite Kuraby Hotel. He chose everything. The venue, cake, his meal…Mr organised – so not like his father lol! It was a great night and was more relaxed being on a weekend rather than a week day.

Bailey’s actual birthday was yesterday. It was one of the first birthdays that I haven’t been with one of my children on;( between school and work I saw him briefly in the morning and for a couple of hours once I got home. I hated it:( 7 years ago and every year since then we’d spent the day together. I felt like I’d lost a part of me yesterday. But once kids go to school that’s what happens I guess! Bay still had a great day though. I made cupcakes for him to take to school and he had his request of Hungry Jacks for dinner. He received such wonderful gifts that he loves and is very excited to have over $100 to go shopping with!
The note I left in Bay’s lunch box with money for an ice block;)

Bay had a party last year with his school friends so this year he has decided he just wants to have a sleep over with a few mates. So this Friday night we’ll have four 7 year olds under our roof and then they are heading to The Runcorn Pool the next morning…this is a daddy job as this mumma is stuffed lol!

To my February babies,
Your birthday will always be a day where I celebrate the best days of my life. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. The moment you took your first breath, let out that first cry for milk and the instant bond we formed when our eyes found each other. As I close my eyes I can still feel your soft baby skin that I kissed (and still kiss) a billion times over and those first precious moments of cuddling we shared are times I’ll always cherish. I’m so blessed to be your mumma and love you more than words can express. It’s uncanny that the first time I became a mum was in February and the last time as well. You are both so alike with your fearful ways, bossy personality, funny sense of humour and your need to be cuddled and nurtured! I love how much you both adore each other and I know you will share this special bond for the rest of your lives. Happy birthday my February babies…am looking forward to another year of growth and development!
Love your mumma!



Don’t Forget…..

We are getting to the crazy time of year where our to do lists are as long as our arms and we start to feel overwhelmed that things are just not going to get done! For the first time, as a wife and mother, I feel the most relaxed and organised I’ve ever been at this time of year! We’ve finally finished spring cleaning the house, just in time to spend the next couple of weekends turning our house into the land of ‘Christmas’!!! We are super excited, the kids are super excited and we can’t wait to live, breathe and eat everything Christmas!

But one thing that can happen at this time of year is forgetting the most important things in life! Yes we are all super busy and yes we are all super busy with stuff that is mostly unavoidable, but we can’t forget how to enjoy ourselves and relax (where we can) with the ones we love! Christmas only comes once a year and is over in the blink of an eye and if we spend the whole time highly strung and stressed over things that really aren’t worth the extra grey hairs, we’ll all look back and regret that we didn’t just simple embrace the festive season for what it is!

Today I got up and had my list of things I wanted to do, but thought why? Why should I fold the washing today when I can read a book to my children? Why put a load of washing on right now when my three children are cuddling on my lap? Why should I tidy up my laundry when my daughter is asking me to play tennis? So my today’s list didn’t quite get finished, but I don’t care, because my children are more important than any list I’ll ever write!

So this is how I will get through the crazy busy time of Christmas….if I want to I will, if it’s not important enough I won’t! I will still do what I HAVE to do, but I will do it and then treat myself to something that makes me happy – my children, my husband, running, crafting, baking, decorating! I will make sure I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and when I do have some time to myself I will use it wisely! I will stop when I’m tired and I will go like a crazy lady when I’m full of energy….but most importantly I will not forget why we celebrate this time of year in the first place!

Life is busy. Life is a rollercoaster. But if we let the business of life take over then we will forget how to live, how to love, how to enjoy! So don’t forget this festive season….stop, breathe, look around, and enjoy life for what it is!


80 Blessed Years!

80 years ago today a beautiful lady was born into this world, and blessed this world is to have her! This lady is my dear nana Gloria! In her 80 years of life so far, she has experienced many great loves which have formed her family, but has also faced tragedies with the loss of a child, grandchild and parent. She has always been a devoted wife, mother and grandmother who would give you the jumper off her back or her last dollar if she had too!


Yesterday we celebrated nana’s 80th birthday just how she likes…being surrounded by family! My wonderful mother did a fabulous job organising such a fantastic day for everyone to enjoy! It was so lovely having most of nana’s grandchildren and great grandchildren present for such a huge milestone. And of course in true style we were able to capture many cherished moments…..

Nana and grandad with their children!

Nana and grandad with their grandchildren!

Nana and grandad with their great grandchildren!

My party of 5 with our dear Nana!

Nana’s cake I made for her:)

Aerial shot of the cake!

Mum put together a collection of things that my very talented nana made over the years…some of it is almost 40 years old!!!!

Nana and I….my fondest childhood memories included nana a lot!

As I was having a lovely chit chat with nan this arvo, it reminded me of all the wonderful girly chit chats we’ve had over the years! It makes me so upset at the thought of how Parkinson’s Disease has taken over my precious nana’s body and once where she was an active vibrant women who was very intelligent, now struggles with the day to day normal living of life. But in true Gloria form she never complains and always has time to give you a smile. As I kissed her soft forehead this arvo, I told her that she was the best and that she wasn’t going anywhere that we couldn’t survive without her….she replied with a beautiful smile and said “someone would replace me”, I replied with “never!” Because Gloria Holpen, the lady known to many of us as Nana Holpen, is simply irreplaceable!!!!

Happy 80th birthday Nana….I’m so glad you’ve had a wonderful weekend of celebrations!!!!!

This Is How We Roll……

Celebrating special occassions….how do you do it? Big? Small? Decorations? No celebrations at all?

Be it a birthday, Christmas, Easter or a special public holiday, we embrace everything there is to celebrate a special occasion!

From Christmas until now, we have celebrated many wonderful¬†events with family and friends! The new year started with Australia Day where we wore something that symbolised the Australian flag or Australian colours and enjoyed a good old BBQ and backyard footy. Next was our precious little girl’s 1st birthday, followed by our son’s 6th birthday, my husband’s birthday, my dad’s 60th birthday, my birthday and¬†recently Easter!¬† Yes that is a lot of cake eating, present buying and wrapping, happy birthday¬†singing¬†but most of all lots of fun times shared with the people we love and care for the most!

Wearing the birthday hat at the Runcorn Tavern!

I love EVERYTHING that goes with celebrating…..themes, cake baking and decorating, presents, parties, dinners, decorations – love, love, love it! When growing up, we always celebrated birthdays, Christmas and Easter with family and enjoyed the fun side of these events which included presents, parties, cakes and decorating! These traditions I have followed and am now allowing my own children to embrace in the excitement of celebrating!

Creating Traditions…..This is how we roll:


A birthday in our family is considered a very special day as it is the only day you can truly celebrate and be spoilt on your own (that is if you don’t share it with anyone)! I love making¬†such a big deal about the kids birthdays especially! I have a red feature wall that separates our toy room and lounge room which we have deemed our celebration wall! The night before a birthday I always decorate it with a happy birthday banner some streamers and balloons and have their presents sitting out ready for them to wake up to….the kids love it!!!

On Mia’s 1st birthday…our ‘red wall’ is our celebration wall we decorate for all special occasions!

When purchasing birthday presents, we always make sure they are a surprise, but we do ask them to make a list of what they want! I am a strong believer that everyone deserves to get what they want for their special day, provided it is within budget! We have a budget on presents for all occasions, usually between $100-$150, Easter is about $50.   I would far rather spend money on something someone wants!

My favourite part of a birthday is making their birthday cake:) I love making¬†and decorating cakes, again the choice of cake and style is up to the person, once they’ve told me what they want I get to be creative!¬† On the day, the biggest highlight for the kids is singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles…sometimes twice ok three times on occasions, if someone missed out on blowing out a candle heheheh!

I love doing birthday cakes! Dad’s 60th horse race track I made!

Lastly we always celebrate a birthday with family. If ¬†it’s on a week day we go out to dinner and if you’re lucky enough to have it fall on the weekend, we do something during the day! The kids don’t get big parties each year. I always do a big first birthday, a reasonable size second birthday and from then on they get to choose to do something special around the time of their birthday but not always a party! Bailey had his first “school friends” party this year, as he is in grade one and turning 6 was a major thing for him:) but the next time he has a party will be when he is 10! 21st are also very big in our family….I still remember mine and how awesome it was!


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” We love Christmas and everything that goes along with it!!! My husband is nicknamed Clark Griswall (from Christmas vacation) as he loves Christmas as much as I do lol! Traditionally I was brought up not to put your tree up until 1st December, Kane’s family tradition was November 1st so we compromised and we decorate our house and tree mid November! When Bailey was little we put a few extra fairy lights around our windows and then each year we would add to what we did the year before! Last Christmas was out biggest display yet – over 1000 lights, window displays, garden displays and this year will be even bigger, as I stocked up on the boxing day sales:) the kids absolutely love it and really so do we:) Once our decorations are up, we take our own annual Christmas photo of the kids which I use to make my Christmas cards.

Sitting out the front of our house enjoying our Christmas display!

The month of December¬†is my favourite month of the year! During the lead up to Christmas we spend many occasions catching up with family and friends and we spend our nights looking at christmas lights and listening to Christmas carols. The kids love wearing christmas shirts and outfits and thank you to my wonderful mother who sews, they are very lucky to have alot to choose from.¬† Three things we make an effort to do is take the kids to Movie World’s Winter Wonderland night, which is absolutely magical, get our annual photo with Santa and we take the kids in town to see the big tree! Our visit to Santa last year was so sweet, the kids drew pictures for him and they posted in Santa’s letter box what they would like for Christmas!

I love this photo!!!! First year with 3 children sitting on Santa’s lap!

Our Christmas day is always so full on! On Christmas eve, the kids leave cookies and milk for Santa and his reindeers¬†and a note thanking him for his presents:) Playing Santa is always so much fun:) I love setting up their Presents in their stockings and making sure a note has been left by Santa:)¬† Christmas morning is always so precious! Watching the excitement on the kid’s faces as they venture into our lounge room and see their presents and read their note from Santa, are moments I cherish! From then on we hit the ground running! After presents are exchanged and opened, we have breakfast with Kane’s family and from lunch time until bed time, we spend it at mum and dad’s! I love going back to the place I’ll always call home on Christmas day, as mum and dad have always put on the best Christmas lunch and dinner and¬†the pool is always a real hit on Christmas day!

Santa has been and delivered!


We have always celebrated Easter but this year was our biggest yet!¬†I love Easter. I am an Easter baby as I was born on Good Friday so usually my birthday is always around Easter. ¬†I love how the kids embrace the spirit of celebrating. Bailey is the biggest driving force behind all of our decorating. I loved decorating our red wall this year.¬† It was the first time I’ve decorated at Easter and will now definately¬†be a yearly tradition.¬†I even¬†made and decorated my first Easter cake:) I always make sure we venture to the shops a couple of days before Good Friday so the kids can¬†see the Easter bunny and get their annual photo with him. ¬†A lot¬†of our friends and family go away at Easter but we never have and I never did when I was growing up either. It is so nice having Kane home for the 4 days and we try and cram so much into that time too! This year we went to Movie World on Good Friday, did a clean up and organised everything on Easter Saturday as this year was the first time we have had Easter at our house on the Sunday.

Our first Easter display on our ‘red wall’!

Like Christmas I love setting up the kids presents and eggs after they go to bed.¬† The kids left the Easter bunny some carrots and milk, oh and Bailey left him a magazine…lol! I made sure the Easter bunny left behind some footprints….the kids loved waking up to that, even Mia who is 14 months old was very intrigued by the Easter bunny footprints:)¬† Once the kids open their presents from us the hunt begins.¬† We make 3 trails so all the kids get the same amount of eggs from the Easter bunny….again a tradition they absolutely love!

The Easter bunny has been!

We then spend the rest of the day catching up with Kane’s family in the morning and my family at lunch.¬† This year was the first year we have done an Easter egg hunt with the kids’s cousins, which was¬†a real hit.¬† Easter is so much more relaxed than Christmas.¬† It is so nice just to sit back and watch all the kids play, eat chocolate and have fun!

My 3 little bunnies!

Public Holidays/Special occasions!

My son is such a breath of fresh air. Every now and again out of the blew, he will go through with me what is next to celebrate. The year always starts with such a great public holiday in Australia Day.  Each year we go to the beach and Kane cooks everyone a big Aussie Breakfast! We dress in Australia Day attire and have a wonderful time relishing in the beautiful Queensland weather!

Bailey embracing Australia Day….such a proud Aussie!

Other things we do throughout the year are: wear green on St Patrick’s Day, Bailey participates in anything the school celebrates and we always buy¬†ribbons on days like Anzac Day and Daffodil Day. We are also very traditional when it comes to engagment parties, weddings, baby showers mother’s and father’s day.

Our last celebration before the Festive season starts, which Bailey talks about all year is Halloween! I know traditionally Halloween is an American tradition, but who doesn’t like dressing up and going trick or treating! The kids spend a week before Halloween working on their costumes and on the day of Halloween I always put a few decorations up and the kids go trick or treating, only to houses of the people we know in our area…it’s all in a bit of fun:) I always have my bowel of goodies ready for kids who come trick or treating, but our kids seem to be the only ones in our area who do it!

All ready to go trick or treating!

So there you have it! I know we may go overboard on some things, but that is how we roll and we wouldn’t have it any other way!