100k in November – week 1 progress!

First week of November is over already!!! And I’m happy to say although the week threw some ups and downs, I still managed to fit 25k of running in, therefore I’m on par with achieving my 100k for November!!!!

I started my running week on Monday morning, running 5k in 24 minutes…I’m so determined to run a sub 24 by the end of the year. I’m chasing my PB of 23.25, but I’d be happy with anything in the 23s!!! I had my days set but of course life always gets in the way and things don’t always go to plan! Kane ended up going to Sydney for 2 days, but thankfully I squeezed another 5k naked run (no watch or music) in before he left otherwise I would have done a lot of cramming in at the end of the week! After two days with just me and the kids – who I don’t know about your children, but mine are getting more tired as each day goes past, I got up at 5am Friday and fit a 53.30mins 10k hill run in before Kane went to work, which meant my long run was done before the weekend – yay! I finished my first 25k for the first week of this challenge with a nice steady paced 25.20mins 5k this morning and felt better than I thought I would!

I’m going to enjoy my day off tomorrow as I have a massive day at work and shall put all my energy into that! I will be starting my next lot of 25k for the new week on Tuesday. This week I plan on running three days instead of four but increasing my kilometres per run. The plan is 7km Tuesday, 5km Thursday and 13k Saturday which will be my longest run to date! But of course that is the plan….I shall keep you posted with how I go!

I’d love to here if you have set yourself a challenge this month and how it’s going!


2 thoughts on “100k in November – week 1 progress!

  1. Awesome work nat I had a crazy unexpected week this week and did 37km paddling so on track will be a little slacker this week as preparing for a race saturday

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