This year marks 5 years since we took a big plunge and went on our first overseas trip to the States with two kids under 4….call us crazy but we’ve decided it’s time to do it all over again but this time we’re a party of 5!

I still remember our trip like it was yesterday. Every stop, every purchase bought, every monument found…all precious memories. The kids (who were 3 and a half and 18 months old) were amazing, way better than we ever imagined they’d be. Of course there were some hurdles and we learnt many what not to dos along the way, but all in all we had the best holiday and it certainly didn’t put us off travelling overseas with the kids again.

Memories from our trip 5 years ago…LA, Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Pittsburgh, Washington, New York!

I expect that it may be a bit more challenging with 3 kids in toe, but the advantage this time is that Bailey and Sienna are a lot older and Mia will be the same age Bailey was on our first trip (she does worry me the most though:/). Like us, the kids are super excited. Bailey has the best understanding of what’s happening and where we are going. He still remembers our last trip quite vividly. Sienna only can relate to going to Disneyland so that’s what excites her and Mia…I know she will ask us every 10 minutes are we there yet!!!


There was one thing missing when we travelled last time though and that was having someone to experience it with. When we returned, we spent many a time reminiscing with family about things we did and saw and wished they had been there with us. Well this time that wish will be granted. We’d hoped our next trip to the States would include all my family, but due to work commitments, only my sister and her family will be joining us and we are so thrilled for that! The kids can’t wait to share this experience with their cousins!

Our biggest challenge so far has been our itinerary. We know that this will be our last trip to the States for a very long time, we want to get it right! After weeks of discussions and tossing around many ideas, this is what we’ve decided:

* a week in LA (3 day pass to Disneyland, Universal studios, day trip to San Diego)

* road trip to Vegas for 2 nights

* 5 nights in New York

* 2 nights in San Fransisco

*4 nights in Lake Tahoe (we’ll be there for a white Christmas)

*2 nights in Santa Monica

Originally we were going to spend a few nights in Hawaii on the way home, but we’ve decided to plan a separate trip there in the near future!

Our official departure date is December 6th and we arrive home just in time to celebrate the new year!
There is no turning back now. Flights and accommodation are booked and most importantly my long service leave has been approved – yay!!!

The count down is on….8 months to go!!!!! There is still a lot to organise and think about. I haven’t done my to do list yet. I’ll do that with 6 months to go and then plod through it one job at a time. Last time we we booked and planned our trip in 4 months. I figure if I was ready for that and this time round we are ‘experienced travellers’ I have nothing to stress about….I’ll leave that up to my mother lol!

I shall keep you posted with several updates on the planning and organising of our trip!!

My favourite photo with Mickey Mouse…so exciting to be going back again!!!!!

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