Anything For a Slurpee!

Yesterday at 2.45pm, we were leisurely strolling to the car after school. The kids were happily laughing and chatting to their friends. We said goodbye to the Baker family who were parked the closest to the gate. As I was chatting to one of my friends, we watched the kids take off down the path. As I yelled out “be careful, stop running on the path” (as one of the kids had just fallen over), Bailey went down like a bag of potatoes!!

I didn’t freak out, I didn’t move my feet any faster than what they were moving, all I could think and it actually came out of my mouth when I got to him was, “how many times do you have to be told not to run on the path!!!” The first thing I noticed was a few grazes and the worst thing I noticed was the lump that instantly came up on Bay’s arm, as well as the fact that his arm was looking a little crooked! He was so upset, the worst I’ve ever seen him after a stack! I couldn’t believe it. I knew it was broken. I was praying that it wasn’t, but my instinct knew otherwise!

It’s hard to see in a photo, but
this is Bay’s arm before having it straightened and casted!

The rest of the afternoon was a whirlwind of events from going to the GP, to QLD x-Ray, back to the GP to finally be told at 5.30pm that we had to go to the hospital!!!! A simple break would have been plastered there and then at my GP’s surgery, but because his radius was sitting at about a 15 degree angle, it needed to be put back into place…ouch – my poor baby boy;(!!!!



Now if you have known my son since birth, he has always been highly strung when it comes to pain and has always been filled with lots of fear when it comes to the unknown! When he originally fell down, he was extremely upset and ‘dramatic’ for a good 15mins, but once the initial shock of falling over past and he settled right down and stopped crying, I never heard another whimper or complaint from him. He was the complete opposite. Extremely calm and took everything in his stride…I am so proud of how he handled it all! All he was worried about was “mum if my arm is broken, will you help me put my pajamas on?!?”…bless his little cotton socks!



Now for what we think was the hilarious part of the day. I know it’s not very ‘parent’ like to laugh at your child, but it was better than crying! For Bailey to have his arm put back in place, they first tried without any intervention, even then bay didn’t flinch, but the look of horror on his face showed how much pain he was in. That’s when the happy gas came out and for the next 5 minutes, Kane and I would be amused by the funniest 7 year old going! I shouldn’t admit this, but I had to film it! Isn’t life about creating memories….this sure will be a good memory to whip out at his 21st lol!


“I love that happy gas, give me some more!” He kept saying!

Thankfully the nurse practitioner was able to put Bay’s arm back in place with the help of the happy gas and general anaesthetic wasn’t required. After it was done, he told his father it really hurt when she pushed on his arm, but he didn’t want to cry…bless him! A final x-ray showed that his arm was set back in place and we were finally right to go home by 10pm!!! They only backslabbed his arm for now due to swelling, so we are off to the Fracture Clinic next Tuesday to get his proper cast on!


What a year! We started the year with Sebby breaking his leg and so much has happened in between and now the year ends with Bay breaking his arm:/ And the worst time of year! We have so many Christmas functions coming up that involve swimming;( and we go on our beach holiday in a months time!!! Fingers crossed the doctors are hoping for a 4 week recovery, which will be just in time for Christmas! At first I was so annoyed, but am just blessed that it’s not that bad and a broken bone is fixable…so many other poor children are suffering way worse off than Bay!

Today was a brand new day, new beginnings or should I say the beginning of Bay’s broken arm! I took him up to school to show his friends and teacher as he will have the rest of the week off school! On our way home, he said since I have a broken arm can I get a slurpee, sorry I’ll rephrase that and say one of the first things he said yesterday was, if I’ve got a broken arm can I get a slurpee?…in my muffled state of mind I obviously said yes!!! Slurpees are a holiday treat at our house, but guess who got a slurpee today? He deserved it after being so brave yesterday, BUT my son sure will do anything for a slurpee lol!


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