Land Down Under….


Australia Day – what a great day of the year! It’s the one day where we stop and appreciate the country in which we reside. A country that is full of beautiful landscapes, a variety of weather patterns and of course hard working and down to earth people!! Our country Australia is the place we call home!

Burleigh, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia…my favourite place in Australia!

I love Australia! I’m so proud to call myself an Aussie and I always wear our country colours with absolute pride and dignity! We are so very fortunate to live in a country with government support, clean water and supplies at our finger tips. The opportunities are grand and we are blessed to be able to access great things such as our health and education systems! Like everything, our country is not perfect, but compared to the alternative and what other countries face, I think we are doing pretty good!

How do you celebrate Australia Day? Australia Day for us is all about family! Usually we leave early for a beach and have a big cooked breakfast with our family! But for the past couple of years the weather hasn’t been kind. Today we’ve spent the day at my sister’s house eating plenty of yummy food and drinking some nice cold beverages! The boys have been betting on the horses and us girls have been chatting, singing and dancing with the kids, watching the tennis and of course preparing the food and then cleaning it all up (with help from the men)!! It’s actually been really lovely and we’ve done lots of relaxing:)

Highlights from our day….













To all my fellow Aussie readers…I hope you’ve had a wonderful day celebrating just how fortunate and lucky we are to live in the land down under!!!



Funny faces!!!

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