Back To School!

Almost 5 weeks out of 6 are already gone for the summer school holidays! I don’t know about you, but they have flown by!!! They really have been awesome though! The weather has been sensational and we’ve managed to squeeze in almost everything from the beach, movies, theme parks, play dates and swimming…did I mention swimming!!! I’m sure my kids must be water logged by now! And of course this time of year is always spent the best with family and friends!

But as the holidays draw closer to finishing, there is so much to think about and the hottest topic on most mum’s lips at the moment is back to school! Are you organised? Have you started? For some they’ll be old hats at the back to school schedule but for others they could be entering a whole new world! I’m an old hat now, with my son starting grade 2, but my daughter is about to be a little preppie!!!

Even though I’ve done this before I always feel a sense of anxiety in the pit of my stomach when my children start prep…I just want everything to be perfect for my poppet so she feels safe, comfortable, happy and relaxed! I was like this with Bailey and worse as he was my first at this whole school mum thing! But last year when he started year 1 I was fine and now starting year 2 even more fine!! It’s the prep year that pulls at the heart strings…and anxiety ones lol! I’m happy to say I’ve just about organised everything! Just a school hat for Bailey once the uniform shop opens next week, a library bag for Sienna and hair cuts each and the kids will be all good to go for another school year!

So what is the back to school essentials on everyone’s list?

This is what mine are…..

*Uniform….shirt, shorts/skorts, dress shoes, sports shoes, socks and a hat!
Most of this stuff can be purchased from the school’s uniform shop. I always purchase the school shirts and hats from the uniform shop, but the shorts/skorts I always purchase at Best and Less or Big W along with the socks and track suit for winter.

Brings happy tears to my eyes to see my little girl all ready for prep!

*Bag….something not to small that very little will fit or not too big that it weighs them down and a backpack I think is the way to go!


*Lunch time…lunchbox, food containers, ice block and water bottles are my four essentials.
I always go through a trial run with the kids to make sure they can manage opening all of their own things as well!


*Labels….I label everything and if a label won’t stick I’ll use a marker to write their name! Too many times things go missing around a school yard and if it’s clearly labeled then the chance of it being found is greater!


*Library bag….as long as it has a draw string that can be closed tight so their library bag doesn’t fall out if tipped upside down!


*Hair clips for girls…I have a friend on Facebook that has her own business called Candie Clips who custom makes school clips in the school colours. They are gorgeous and so reasonably price. Sienna’s pack cost me $22 with postage!


*Front Pouch…in the front pouch of my children’s backpack I always include a zip lock bag with a couple of spare pairs of undies and socks and I also include in the pouch a raincoat!


At Runcorn Heights, they have a policy until grade 3 where all stationery is provided by the school at a cost to each family. It certainly takes the pressure off of having to cover and label every piece of equipment…I’ll have the pleasure of doing that for the first time next year!

Once everything is purchased, we always have a trial run or should I say dress rehearsal to make sure everything is ok, fits nicely and feels comfortable! We did that today:) The kids were so excited. It brought me back to when I would start each school year! I loved new things. New socks, new shoes, new bag! And Now that I’m a teacher I still love the beginning of a new school year…now it means a new diary, pens, notebooks and just a whole new beginning!

All ready for grade 2…although by his size he looks like he should be in grade 4 lol!

My little big girl ready to take on the world of Prep!

So on that note I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful and successful school year for 2013. I get to start my working school year on 3 weeks long service leave so I can be there for my preppie while she settles in! Enjoy the remaining time of the school holidays, I’m having a ball with my babies and will continue to enjoy them as life will be different for me only having one child at home now! Good luck to all the preppies starting school and all the mums (be strong) and new school mums! Being a school mum is great…lots of social gatherings and relishing in our children as a community!

They’ll be back to school before we know it!

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