Welcome to my Zoo!


“Mum, Sienna hit me in the face!” “Yeah well you pushed me in my stomach!”
“I’m sitting next to Mia!” “No I am!” “I want to pour my milk!” “No Sienna you’re too little!” “Mum Bailey’s being mean to me, he said I was little!”

And this all before 7am!!!!!!

Do you ever feel like your living in a zoo? Play fighting, constant hands on each other, verbal cheap shots and shout outs and squabbling over who sits where or who is going to have the yellow cup!!! Omg some days it just feels like I’m living in a zoo and my children are the animals and I’m the zoo keeper trying to create some peace and harmony amongst the flock! Don’t get me wrong I am not calling my children animals but when left alone to entertain themselves, when god forbid I need to go to the toilet or something, it can end up in a state that is not pretty!

I love school holidays! Being a teacher it’s my turn to have a break from my job, life is so much more relaxed and it’s so nice not to have to rush all the time! I don’t know about anyone else but as much as I love my children I’m ready to pack their school bags and get out the uniform ready for school next Monday! We have done so much yet the “why aren’t we doing anything today?” attitude still appears!!! Between play dates, trip on the train to town, baking, colouring, swimming and the like they can’t say they haven’t had a good holiday!

Individually each of my children are divine (most of the time lol), add two together especially the baby and the older child and it’s mostly heaven, but add the two older ones together and I have my work cut out for me! Then add my two nephews and that makes five children from 19 months to 12 years and there is everything other than peace lol! Why? Why do they like upsetting each other or inflicting pain on each other? They are awesome out in public and as soon as we get in the car to go home they are at each other’s throats….talk about trying to establish the king of the food chain!

This morning I was having a couple of girlfriends over and their children for morning tea….they rocked up Mia and I in pjs still, I was in middle of picking dog poo up so kids could play, Sienna kept tormenting Bailey, I was being asked questions left right and centre “mum” this, “aunty Nat” that….all this on very little sleep….but there was plenty of food I’d baked lol!

But it’s not always like this in fact the majority of the time it’s quite pleasant and fun…the school holidays just add a new dimension! There have been so many times where my two eldest have played so lovely together and I stop, watch and relish in those moments! I gazed in contentment today when I watched my 5 children (3 I birthed and my 2 nephews) were all sitting together laughing and chatting nicely on the lounge! It can happen and those are the moments you sit back and say….this is why I love being a mum!

You go through moments where you think “just shut up!” or you long for some peace and quiet and then you get some time to yourself and I don’t know about you but any longer than a couple of hours and I need my children’s arms hanging around my neck again! So my house may seem like a zoo sometimes, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world….or maybe I would – stop fighting!!!!! Mummy loves you:) lol.

Love my crazy cats more than life itself!!!

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