Gotcha…that they did!!!

It’s a well known fact that I am a photoholic! I love taking them, printing them off and then displaying them around my home! Sometimes I find a nice frame to put a photo in and sometimes I’ll use my love of craft and make a canvas. Either way it’s all about displaying a captured moment that represents love, a personality, fun and the like! Each year since we started creating our own family, I have always spent the time and money getting professional portraits of the children! I religiously used Pixi photos to do our portraits as that is what my parents used when we were little. Then a few years ago a good friend of ours started coming to our home to take photos of us in our yard, more natural shots which are my favourite.

After going from a studio to a location I swore I would never get studio shots again. Then a few weeks ago Mia and I spent the day together and were asked by Gotcha Photography (they were in the middle of a shopping centre) if I would like my daughter’s photo taken. I was quite reluctant as Mia had a cold and my rule was no studio photos anymore!!! So much for my mid year resolution of saying NO!!! Anyway I thought why not might be a bit of fun and I needed a nice photo of Mia for our new toy room!

Mia being Mia wasn’t very impressed and made the ladies work so hard for a smirk let alone a smile! After 15 minutes, which I was happy with some of the shots they had taken, they proceeded to tell me that because Mia wasn’t really up to it I would have to come back another day to finish the photo shoot! Again I should of said no but I thought well at least I’ll be able to get an updated shot of the three of my children! They were very happy for me to bring the three kids back next time! So on the Ekka show holiday I dressed all three up beautifully, bribed them with a donut and we went and finished the photo shoot! I didn’t want to spend much as I wasn’t even going to do portraits this year – I was waiting until next year to get portraits done by Nicole Ramsey! All I wanted was my free photo of the three kids and a 10 x 8 of Mia!

The day came to view my photos and I kept telling myself “you’ll be right, you only want two photos, be strong, say no thank you!” I kept hoping all morning the photos would be awful so it wouldn’t be so hard to resist! Pffft awful photos of my three children, how could that be lol!!! I walked up to the counter all confident with what I wanted and then they placed the photos down for me to view….this is the moment where my heart made a decision over my head! As I looked through each photo, I smiled and commented to the lady and she would nod her head and agree. Each photo was more lovely than the one before. My game plan changed then. I placed in a pile the ones I loved the most. The little voice in my head was still telling me what I was SUPPOSE to do, but my heart kept saying how can I not purchase these beautiful photos of my adorable dumplings!!!!

Makes my heart melt!

My three precious angels!

I love Mia’s face in this one:)

Mia looks so tall in this photo!

Bailey is like a little man in this photo and Sienna oh so angelic lol!

Growing up so fast!

Oh so pretty!


Cheeky monkey!

I love this one…”I’m a little tea pot!”

Now can you see why the sudden urge of needing to purchase more photos than I wanted overcame me! They are gorgeous, real keepers. I not only purchased this lot of photos, but I am also getting a hard covered large book with 20 of the photos included….that is my present to myself and I shall keep you posted when it arrives:) I’ve displayed some of these photos throughout the house and the left over ones will be given as Christmas presents, so at least I have started Christmas shopping! I’m guessing they are called ‘Gotcha’ photography for a reason because that they did, but when I think about it, it was my beautiful children who really got me:)!

2 thoughts on “Gotcha…that they did!!!

  1. It’s been a few years since I’ve had pictures taken of the kids, and I’m thinking this is the year. I remember the last time I had it done, I wasn’t happy. My daughter suddenly pulled out this strange smirk, really fake. And that week it got cooler out and her curls were suddenly gone (forever it seemed). I bought the pictures because I thought I would probably eventually love them, and I was right. Now, four years later, I absolutely love them. But honestly then they were a big letdown! Not at all what I wanted.

    Yours are great. I can see why you couldn’t resist. Love the hat! That is just adorable.

    • Thank you:) Ive displayed a few around my house now and I love them more and more everyday! It’s funny how we purchase photos because they have our children in them not necessarily because they are great. Our last ones were a bit like that. One of my girl’s hair was like your daughters and my littlest one didn’t smile at all but I still love them more than ever….even though I was 13kg heavier! Now I’m at my goal weight, I can’t wait to get family shots again but will have to wait until next year now!

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