Polish Queen:)


I miss seeing my toes in winter! Like I’ve stated several times, I love winter fashion and am obsessed with ballet flats, but one thing I miss while wearing enclosed shoes is sporting my polished toes because I am the toe nail polish queen! I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without having my toe nails painted! It may sound silly, but I almost feel naked or my outfit seems incomplete without them done. I’m exactly the same with lipgloss and mascara and deodorant for that matter lol! Now that spring is around the corner, it’s time to stock up on nail polish for the upcoming seasons of thongs and sandles. And what better way to start with all the sales that are around!


I bought a beautiful shade on the weekend at Cotton On for $3!!!!! Recently I have also purchased quite a few lovely shades at Woolies for the same price! I wear mostly pink and red tones and I love my new favourite colour coral. I mostly paint just my toes, but occasionally I’ll paint my finger nails. The problem I have with my finger nails is that it chips too easily and once it chips I can’t stand it! At least with your toes if it chips it’s further away to the eye so less noticeable! I’ve purchased a few pairs of open toe ballet flats recently, which is a nice balance to wear a reasonably enclosed shoe but still able to show off painted toe nails and will be great for spring!


I’m also loving that my eldest daughter has taken to loving having her toes polished as well:) I have to disclose that my son loved it when he was little lol and I have to say no now otherwise he would still want them done lol! Painting your nails and having girly time is a lovely bonding session to spend with your daughter, I can’t wait for when my girls are older so we can go and have manicures and pedicures together!


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