3 Generations of Queenslanders!!!

On page 72 of this week’s issue of the Southern Star is a story that involves three members of our family. 48 years ago my father started a trend. That trend was being selected to play for the under 12 school boys Queensland rugby league team. 28 years later I was selected to play for the under 12 school girls Queensland Orchids netball team and only two weeks ago, my nephew was selected for the same team his poppy was all those years ago! It is with such pride and excitement that we share our story as it’s not very often you see three generations make a state team at the same age!


Dad started playing football at the age of 9 for Cannon Hill Stars. He is the eldest boy of seven children but was the only one to play representative football. He was only an average built child at the age of 12, but through his speed and great defense, he was selected to play for his district, region and then finally his state. Dad continued making ways with his footy and was again selected for QLD when he reached under 15s. He then played his senior football for Wests where he retired at the young age of 22 due to a reoccurring knee injury! This was a heart breaking decision for him, but his family came first. He later went on to coach instead.


I was 7 when I started playing netball. I sat on the sidelines for many years watching my sisters play so by the time I started playing I was so familiar with the game. I grew so quickly and was always the tallest for my age. I represented my district, region and then state as a shooter, but by the time I reached my mid teens everyone started growing past me and ended up a centre court player. I played representative netball up until I was 19 when I was struck down by a back injury and was sidelined from playing premier division State League. I later returned and played for a few more years before starting a family of my own.


Sebby originally played union when he was 7, but with lots of encouragement from his parents and uncle Kane, he started his first year of league at the age of 8 for Logan Brothers where he still plays today. We’ve watched this talented young boy grow and develop over the past few years and with the help of extra training sessions from his poppy, he has turned into a brilliant player who has a very bright future ahead of him. Our family are so proud of Sebastian and can’t wait to cheer him on as he represents QLD in Mackay next month.


It’s a great achievement to represent your state and something every child who plays sport dreams of doing. Our family has always lived breathed and ate sport, so it’s inevitable that we were going to make a good go of it and it helps when we have good sporting genes! There are 6 grandchildren still to come through the ranks and Sebastian as the first grandchild has set the bar high! It would be awesome to think more of the grandchildren would be chosen for a rep team. And if the trend keeps going, just maybe one of our children’s children may follow in our footsteps but if not, 3 generations of Queenslanders is pretty fantastic!

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