Etch it out!


Bailey’s wrestling ring cake with the wrestling logo etched out andu filled with sprinkles!

After spending the past two weeks doing a lot of baking and decorating, I’ve decided that spending time in my kitchen cooking or baking is quite therapeutic….except for the dishes!

Cake etching…what is it? Just a little technique I’ve been using quite a bit lately! Back in february when I made my son’s football birthday cake, I needed something to create the stitching part of the footy! I could have used my decorating icing cans or even lollies, but to be completely honest I’d run out of anything alike, but had plenty of sprinkles! An idea came to me to etch out the lacing part of the footy and fill it in with white sprinkles….and this is how it turned out:


When I did Bailey’s wrestling ring I thought for sure we’d have the wrestling logo somewhere around here to put on the cake, but of course not! So I copied the logo and etched it out on the cake and filled it with sprinkles! I was quite happy with how that turned out!

Etching is great to use when you want to put a person’s name on their cake to! I’ve recently done two cakes and this is how they turned out:

My daughter’s cake she took to preschool:)

My sister-in-law’s cake for tonight:)

So how do you etch? Simple:) you need to find something that is pen like in size, I use a medicine syringe and then etch out of the icing what you want…




Once you’ve finished etching out what you want, you can then continue to fill the space. I’ve only used sprinkles so far, but other things like piped icing or lollies could be used…I’ve got so many ideas I can’t wait to try! When using sprinkles you have to do it very slowly and carefully. I keep the sprinkles in the bag they come in and cut a tiny hole for them to come out of.


So there you have it ‘the etching technique’…well that’s what I call it anyway:) happy etching everyone!!!

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